The Best Printer For Checks

When it comes to financing, which often involves a lot of money, it is much easier and more secure to offer it instead of a check instead of a bunch of cash, you need the best printer for the check.

Jobs in the world have become very modern and dependent on technology due to the various benefits that come with the introduction of technology. Security, dominance and reduction of human error are all of these.

If you find yourself constantly running to the banks to get a checkbook because you use them quickly, it’s time to have a better alternative.

Some software allows you to print checks using printers – all from your home or office license.

In this guide, we will look at the factors to consider when buying a printer to print a check.

This can be avoided if you have a personal device for printing checks. Printers can be helpful in reducing the time and effort of writing a check and also allow you to follow the financial process in a more organized way.

Check printer review

Today, with the expansion of communications and trade, and the need for economic actors to move large sums of money, the demand for printers that can provide reliable printing on a variety of checks has increased significantly.

For this reason, to print bank checks and to prevent possible fraud in the issuance of checks, special printers called check printing printers or check printing printers are used.

In addition to increasing the efficiency of check issuance, these printers also reduce the possibility of fraud to a large extent (even dare to say zero).

In fact, in addition to speeding up the issuance of checks, it also greatly increases the security factor of the issued check. Czech printers use impact printing technology. In this way, due to the impact of the printer needles on the ribbon tape, the ink enters the warp, weft, and checked fabric and remains.
Some also use laser printers to issue checks, these people should be aware that laser technology is not suitable for financial activities.
This technology works by transferring the toner powder to the paper and cooking it, so that easily and with a little taste, the cooked toner can be removed from the paper.

To clarify the issue, we provide an example:

Imagine printing a check with a laser printer. A person who is aware of the weakness of laser printers in finance will delete all the details of your check. In a way that in the end only your stamp and signature remain on the check and the rest of the details are completely deleted ….. Now the fraudulent person will write the amount he wants …….

This is called forging a check and your check is forged!

The above is not possible on special check printers. Due to the needle blow on the ribbon, the ink penetrates the paper tissue and no one can erase or change the check numbers.

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This is one of the main reasons for using these printers in banks. Wherever there is a need for high security, they necessarily use printers and printer printers.

In addition to the above, the user can put the entire hand of the check-in the check printer, so that only the first page of the check is printed, but not separated from the check hand.

In some cases, depending on the user’s needs, you can also print the bottom of the check.

What is MICR Printer

MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition, a set of specially crafted symbols to use in the banking industry. 

It is a standard electronic process that reads sensitive documents such as checks using high-speed magnetic equipment and MICR toner.

MICR toner is read by these sensitive machines, especially when set in a specific syntax or pattern, such as the information in a check.

The bank routing number, account number, and check number are written using the MICR printing process to ensure personal security as well as bank security.

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The MICR ensures that the print quality is in accordance with the Magnetic Printing Standard for the identification of the personality specified in ISO 1004 when used on appropriate check paper and adjusted encryption equipment.

They meet or exceed all national encryption standards and are used with confidence by banks and security printers around the world.


High readability and high security

The use of iron oxide-based ink ensures the legibility of MICR characters even if the document is obscured or overprinted by miscellaneous symbols.

MICR systems provide a high level of security, as MICR characters must use a precise format and use precision iron oxide ink, which makes it difficult to forge documents.

Small decoding error rate

The error rate for reading MICR characters is low compared to other personality recognition systems.


Time-consuming standards

MICR printing is tedious, accurate standards but difficult to achieve, which is a drawback in terms of time consuming.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) implements and manages all MICR printing standards.

It specifies the exact requirements for MICR character pens, MICR registration, paper moisture content, and grain and toner adhesion.

Expensive equipment

MICR readers are expensive and can only recognize MICR pens written in a specific format. MICR printers work on cartridges that cost much more than plain ink toner cartridges.

micr printer

What is a MICR toner cartridge? 

MICR toner cartridges are special toners used by the banking industry to process checks.

MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Personality Detection.

Each MICR cartridge is filled with a special toner powder that is specifically designed for check printing.

They print the bank routing number, account number and check number on the check (also known as the “MICR line”), which provides security to the consumer and their banking institution.

MICR toner allows the MICR line to be read. When it needs to print a check, it fits inside the laser printer.

In many cases, the MICR Toner can be used on your current jet laser printer, but in some cases the laserjet printer settings must be configured to print MICR documents that fit the bank specification.

The MICR toner formula works in conjunction with a specialized MICR pen known as the E-13B to create a unique combination of characters in your check, reducing the risk of cheating during the check processing period.

Things to consider when buying a check printer

The following should be considered when purchasing a particular printer to check.

Software compatibility

This should be compatible with almost all review formatting software programs. Most account work is done through QuickBooks so it must be compatible with QuickBooks.

Ink type

To print high quality checks without the possibility of rejection, a printer with MICR toner is essential.

Security features

Printing checks is important, and make sure your printer has all the security features to limit unauthorized management.

Speed ​​and task cycle

You can adapt the speed and work cycle to your daily needs

micr printer

Best MICR printer in 2020 

Samsung M2020w W/ MTI

If you need a printing check, this laser printer is suitable for your home or office.

The printer combines efficiency and performance with a very affordable price.

Using a toner, it can print up to 3,000 pages with 3,000 checks per page.

Comes with MICR toner from MTI. MTI is a well-known brand that offers printing solutions for check printing.

In terms of connectivity, this is one of the most powerful printers. Not only can it be connected via wired connection, but it can also be connected wirelessly to LAN and hasan NFCfeature.

With NFC, compatible devices such as smartphones can print directly.

The printer can print up to 21 pages per minute, which is very fast and easy.

Each page has 3 checks so it is about 63 checks per minute.

The M2020w is capable of printing 1,500 pages per month, and it saves a lot compared to buying a check.

As popular as it is, it is the best printer for check printing.


  • Popular choice among customers 
  • Reasonable check printing capacity 
  • Robust connectivity including NFC 


  • Sub par quality for normal use i.e when using conventional tone

Technical Details

ManufacturerRenewable Toner
BrandRenewable Toner
Model NumberM2020w, D111S
Product Dimensions33.02 x 21.59 x 17.78 cm; 3.99 Kilograms
Manufacturer Part NumberMTI-M2020w-D111S-MICR-PKG
Item Weight3.99 kg
Technical Details

Canon ImageCLASS LBP6030W W/ RT MICR Toner 

This is a mid-range printer with higher printing performance

The Canon ImageCLASS can print 1,600 pages or 4,800 checks per toner. Uses RT MICRtoner.

Therefore, if you have the right amount of need to print a check, this printer is recommended.

This cycle has 5000 pages per month. Therefore, he should be able to do many examinations on a daily basis.

As long as there is a connection, you can connect this printer to the computer using a cable or use its Wireless feature.

Overall, in terms of performance against the dollar, this printer is a Czech print.


  • Excellent for medium enterprises 
  • High check printing volume 
  • Fairly affordable for its volume 


  • Low monthly duty cycle 
  • Relatively slower speed 

HP Deskjet 3755MX W/ VersaCheck MICR Ink 

It is a versatile device that not only prints checks, but can also copy and scan them.

This printer is fully available in the car and comes with VersaCheck MICR composite cartridges.

Not only because it is versatile, but also because it is different.

HP Deskjet 3755MX W / VersaCheck MICR ink can be connected wirelessly via cables.

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If you are looking for an All in One option then this is the best printer for printing checks. 


  • Inkjet with cheaper replacement inks 
  • All in one printer with scanner and copier 


  • Very slow printing speed 
  • Low check printing volume per ink cartridge 
micr printer

Technical Details

Item Weight5.13 pounds
Product Dimensions6.97 x 15.86 x 5.55 inches
Item model numberHP3755-4649
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Material TypePrinter
Number of Items1
Manufacturer Part NumberHP3755-4649
Technical Details

 HP LaserJet Pro M402n W/ MTI MICR Toner 

If you run an incredibly large business and have lots of checks to print, you need this great LaserJet.

This printer can print 3100 pages or 9300 check toners.

It works with MTI MICRtoner and has the fastest speed in the list at 40 pages per minute.

Although this is not a wireless printer, it does support network connectivity via itsEthernetport.

All in all, if you have a lot of checks to print or print in the future, this is one of the best printers for check printing.


  • Great for large enterprises
  • Very large check printing volume 
  • Very high monthly duty cycle 
  • One of the fastest printers  


  • Expensive and beyond the capacity of a small firm or an individual 
  • The connectivity options are lacking with no WiFi or WiFi direct features 

Technical Details

ManufacturerMICR Toner International
BrandMICR Toner International
Item Weight1.9 pounds
Package Dimensions12.9 x 6.5 x 4.1 inches
Item model numberCF226A
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Number of Items1
Size26A MICR
Ink ColorBlack
Manufacturer Part NumberCF226A-MICR
Technical Details

HP M15w W/ RT MICR Toner 

The HP M15w is quite similar to the Samsung M2020wabove in terms of price and features.

It also offers a performance of 1000 pages or 3000 checks per toner.

However, instead of MTI, theMICRTonerfor this printer is a product of RT. The brand is not as popular as MTI, but as far as reviews are concerned, it can do the job well.

One of the best features of this printer is that it has one of the most compact laser printers available.

Therefore, if you have little desk space, this printer is highly recommended.


  • Highly compact printer for offices with limited space 
  • Reasonable amount of check printing capacity per tone 


  • Relatively more expensive 
  • Relatively slower 

Technical Details

ManufacturerRenewable Toner
BrandRenewable Toner
Item Weight2.86 pounds
Package Dimensions12.68 x 7.24 x 3.94 inches
Item model numberCF248A
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Number of Items2
Ink ColorBlack
Manufacturer Part NumberCF248A
Technical Details


The best printers for check printing are laser printers. However, you can certainly find inkjet printers with MICR ink like theHP Deskjet 3755MX.

Most printers for check printing vary depending on the volume of checks they can print and the MICR Toner / Cartridge brand they use.

Various MICR Toner / Cartridge brands include VersaCheck, MTI and RT.

Currently, we recommend the Samsung M2020w w / MTI MICR Toneras as one of the best printers for Czech printing for low-volume printing at a reasonable price. Has received very good feedback from its customers.

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