Samsung Galaxy J7 Review

Boost Mobile has plenty of affordable smartphones to choose from, but the Samsung Galaxy J7 is one of the best phablets in the category. Think of it as a larger, more powerful version of the Galaxy J3, which has the latest Android software, a good processor, and an attractive display.

It also has some relatively rare features for the mid-range phone, such as dual-band Wi-Fi and NFC for mobile payments.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Design

You are not looking at a big phone. Its screen width is 5.5 inches (139.7 mm). Although not large, it is not small.

You will notice in your hands that it is not thick. Below its dimensions are 3.0 x 6.03 x 0.34 x (76.2 mm by 153.2 mm by 8.6 mm). Given its price, you can expect the opposite.

Made of plastic. Honestly, the plastic on it does not feel very good. You can easily tell the price.

At least Samsung has bent its sides well. Extremely ergonomic. They touched the buttons and also placed them in easily accessible positions.

Are you looking for an eye-catching exterior? If you are, the J7 Crown is not for you. It has a simple black body. Recent units are more exciting than the external brand.

Looking at the sides, you will find a 3.5 mm headphone jack. You will also see a MicroSD slot. These two are appreciated because these days they have started to remove expensive phones.

We are in favor of units that are a bit heavy. They feel more inferior. The price of the Galaxy device is 6.34 ounces (181 grams). Because it is not thick, it does not look like a brick.

The sensor has a fingerprint is on the home button.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Display

Do not expect anything too lively. Its front panel is TFT LCD. If you want to spend a little more, you can get a Samsung phone with a Super AMOLED screen. They are incredibly vibrant – the Galaxy A20 comes with it.

Some marginal action is taking place when you look at it is one of the first things you notice. We are told what the ratio of the screen to the body is. 71.4%.

Due to its size, it is sharp. Its resolution is 720 by 1080 pixels.

If you are not a fan of liveliness (or lack thereof), know that there are specialized color and temperature settings for the game.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Battery

There is a 3300 mAh battery. It is small and one of the reasons is that the phone is not thick. Was it a good compromise? We do not think that the crown can last only about a day.

You will use a Micro USB port for charging. This is an old port and is rarely seen these days. You connect a standard 10-watt charger to it. That is why it takes from 0 to 100% more than 2 hours.

Can you remove the battery? The answer is no. Otherwise, you can delete it and shut down its systems whenever it gets stuck.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Processor

The chipset inside is Exynos 7870 cannot perform the most extensive tasks. However, it is good for everyday use.

The processor is powered by Android 8 Unfortunately, you can not upgrade it to Android 10. This is a shame because Android 10 is so beautiful and customizable.

Excellent with MicroSD slot. Because its storage space is not very good. You can choose it with 16 GB ROM and 2 GB RAM. As available from TracFone, there may be carrier anti-flatulence software. If you do not know what bloatware is, there are programs that you can not remove. They are software replacements for Google software. They reduce 16 gigs to 10.

Its microSD slot accepts cards up to 512 GB. 2 GB of RAM is not too bad. Forced closure of programs will not be a big deal.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Camera

Not available with the best camera. This should not come as a surprise considering its price. There is only one shooter in the front and rear. The rear camera consists of a 13-megapixel lens. On the front, there is also a 13-megapixel sensor.

There’s an LED flash on the rear camera, but unfortunately not on the front.

In terms of both settings, neither of them captures vibrant or accurate color photos. They are very bad in low light conditions.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Connectivity

It is possible to use external memory such as flash memory in this phone. If you purchase a USB to MicroUSB converter, you can easily access the content on your flash drive on the phone.

The phone supports two SIM cards at the same time. Fortunately, the second SIM card slot has nothing to do with the external memory card slot, and you can easily use two SIM cards simultaneously and an external memory card side by side. SIM card that you set as the main SIM card for data uses If it supports a high-speed LTE network, you can use this network on the phone.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Hardware

The phone supports two SIM cards at the same time. The dual SIM card slots are located next to the external memory card slot and under the back cover. You need to remove the battery to remove and insert the SIM cards in the phone, but you do not need to turn off the device and remove the battery to remove the memory card.

One of the problems in the SIM card section is the support of the phone for micro-SIM cards. Today, almost all smartphones support nano-SIM cards, and supporting a micro SIM card in a phone in 2016 is a bit uncommon.

The speaker is located next to the camera on the back cover. Don’t expect too much from the speaker; Although it is loud, the sound quality is not impressive, and when you turn it up to the end, it becomes very sharp and sharp. In addition, its location is unsuitable.

The processor of the phone is Snapdragon 617. It has an 8-core processor, and when you do not work hard on the phone, its 4 high-power cores are resting to get less power from the battery.

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Next to this processor is 2 GB of RAM to open and close programs quickly. The processor does not look very strong on paper, but you can see its power when used. We played Asphalt 8 with the highest quality and there were no problems with it for the phone. Navigating the menus is also done well and mentally.

Overheating, which has become a problem these days with flagship phones, is not seen in this phone. You will not have any problem with the phone getting hot, either during filming or during heavy gaming.

The internal memory of the phone is 16 GB. When you buy the phone, only 11 GB of memory is initially available, and the rest is in the system files that Samsung has installed on the phone.

Samsung Galaxy J7 software

By default, Android version 6 is installed on the phone, and this Android is definitely the latest version that Samsung offers for this device. The TouchWiz interface is similar to other Galaxy products.

Although it has been well improved, it lags far behind the UC and Sony UI in terms of lightness and smoothness. The lovely part of this interface and other galaxies is the theme part. In this section, you can access a world of diverse and colorful themes.

Also, there is another section in the settings section called SIM card management. In this section, which can be seen in all Samsung dual-SIM phones, the design and performance are better than other dual-SIM phones of other brands, and you can easily apply the necessary settings on both SIM cards.

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