Pink PC case

Pink products become monogamous and are slowly accelerating in the world of personal computers. Many streamers now turn to funny and unusual game settings consisting of a pink PC case to show off in live sessions.

The subtle tone of the pink shade can quickly change from attractive to ugly. Manufacturers carefully choose shades and materials to make the whole look clean. However, after choosing the color, the specifications must be carefully evaluated to ensure sufficient space for cable management, good airflow, sufficient space for adjusting the liquid cooling, PSU, and air-based CPU cooling distance.

The pink PC case should basically have enough space inside to allow the installation of the latest hardware. The front panel connection should include the latest generation of USB ports, HD audio, and a suitable installation option for the motherboard.

The presence of cable management inside the case can also provide ease of installation and a much cleaner appearance after assembly.

The chassis can also have a glass window to view the player’s hardware and enhance aesthetics through RGB exposure.

The airflow inside the chassis is very important for the players because the play and flow is very intense for the hardware, so it generates a lot of heat. Read our shopping tips to help you decide on a pink computer case.

Pink PC cases that you can buy today

Apevia Crusader-F-PK

Apevia Crusader-F-PK looks like a character outside of a cartoon. Given the price and features that this chassis offers, we think it is the best PC case in general. It is a central tower chassis made of sturdy steel and glass windows. The front consists of a large oven with three RGB fans visible through the mesh. The back is made up of another RGB fan, and all RGB light can be controlled via a switch on the front panel. It has a cover for the PSU that can disconnect all cables coming out of the PSU.

The increasing use of USB Type-C ports in smartphones allows users to look for a computer case with a Type-C port on the front panel. Many motherboards now offer fast charging capabilities, and the growing wireless peripherals primarily use this fast charging capability to save time.

There is no 5.25-inch optical drive compartment, which may be a nostalgia for some users who want to watch some of the old DVDs seen around the house. There is no support for SSD installation brackets to increase storage. However, sufficient capacity is available for adequate storage.

It has a magnetic dust filter on the top of the body, which prevents dust from entering the top if a fan is not installed to allow air to escape. It can accommodate a 360 or 240 mm water cooling kit. On the other side of the chassis is a space where the wire can be kept out of sight to give your clean building a clean look. We believe this is the best pink chassis that can be purchased.


Brand: Apevia | Pink Color: Exterior Accent | Case Form Factor: Mid Tower | Case Material: Metal + Tempered Glass window | Motherboard Support: ATX / Micro ATX / ITX | Drive Bay: 0+2+2 | GPU Clearance: 350mm | CPU Clearance: 165mm | **PSU Clearance:**140mm | Radiator Compatibility: 360mm | USB Version: 3.0 | Weight: 13 pounds | Dimensions: 15.5 x 8 x 18 inches

the new rgb color cooler ventilater installed on the cpu in gaming pc computer

Pink PC case: Golden Square MAGE-P

If you are looking for a beautiful and elegant body with all the features of a gaming computer, then Golden Field MAGE-P is the right choice. The exterior of the chassis is beautiful and stylish, which shows the beauty. Durable glass in the full window provides a detailed view of your hardware. Glass windows have a stretch and stretch design that allows easy assembly.

To ensure durability, the glass is reinforced with steel plates. The dimensions inside the chassis are relatively large. This pink case can hold a 320mm GPU, which is enough to support the RTX 3080 Ti GPU.

Golden Field has a beautiful frame with a feminine touch, but it lacks some areas. The motherboard holes on the chassis are not aligned, which may make it difficult to manage the cables or install the motherboard. Some users have reported that pre-installed fans make a squeaking noise during operation and are of poor quality.

LED fans have unadjustable lightning that may be important to some users. It is reported that the paint is easily scratched and does not include thumbscrews.

This case is the best pink computer case next. The body is made of 0.7 mm thick SPCC sheet metal, which protects your chassis during stress transfer. The front panel has two USB 2.0 Type-A ports and one USB 3.0 Type-A port.

This frame has a detachable mesh on the front panel that allows you to do easy cleaning and due to the choice of material/design, its overall structure is remarkable. The space inside the chassis is large enough for good airflow and high-performance cars. The color is well combined and can be a useful treatment for your eyes on the table.


Brand: Golden Field | Pink Color: Interior and Exterior | Case Form Factor: Mid Tower | Case Material: Tempered Glass & SPCC | Motherboard Support: ATX / MATX / ITX | GPU Clearance: 320mm | CPU Clearance: 165mm | PSU Clearance: 140mm | Radiator Compatibility: 360mm | USB Version: 3.0 | Weight: 20.8 pounds | Dimensions: 17.32 x 8.46 x 18.9 inches

Pink PC case: Apevia Genesis Pro

Suppose you love RGB and want to show it on our mast during playback. Make sure your viewers notice the powerful power plant in the background, then Apevia Genesis Pro can do the job. The chassis is made of two sturdy glass windows – one at the front and one at the side.

The gorgeous combination of pink and black makes it look stunning. This product has six RGB fans that most manufacturers in the world do not offer, so this case is the best PC Rens-Fans Pink case.

The RGB quality of the fans is also well thought out. It mixes beautifully around the fan shroud. There is a dust filter on top of the chassis.

Despite being a good value product, RGB fans are chained to old-school D-slot connections. People have reported that cable management is a bit difficult, but there are enough holes in the chassis to hold the back wires under the metal cover.

This chassis has enough fans to ensure proper ventilation and allows most CPU kits to be installed with the air cooling system. GPU clearance allows you to install high-performance GPUs such as the Radeon RX 6800 XT with a length of 267 mm. The front panel has a standard Apevia design with USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports.

There is a PSU cover that allows easy cable management and installation of a 140 mm ATX PSU. This chassis has enough space to install a liquid tank and a 350 mm boiler to cool and overclock your game temperature.


Brand: Apevia | Pink Color: Exterior | Case Form Factor: Mid Tower | Case Material: Metal with Tempered glass | Motherboard Support: ATX / Micro ATX / ITX | Drive Bay: 0+3+2 | GPU Clearance: 350mm | CPU Clearance: 160mm | PSU Clearance: 140mm | Radiator Compatibility: 240mm | USB Version: 3.0 | Weight: 16.12 pounds | Dimensions: 15.94 x 7.91 x 17.13 inches

Pink PC case: InWin A1 Plus

InWin is known for offering its customers the best deals in the market. Their computer cases are targeted at the higher price segment of the market, but their products offer what they offer in specs. The InWin A1 Plus caught our attention not only because it is great, but the Mini-ITX tower has all the options in one small package.

This case is the best first-class pink computer case. In this case, you can not lose RGB. It has ARGB which is perforated through a transparent colored base.

Two Sirius ASL120 ring fans are pre-installed with the chassis. Fans are in high demand due to their slim RGB appearance. They put a PSW InWin 650W 80 Plus Gold inside the frame as a cherry on top.

Because the chassis is a small size limit, the package comes with it. To assemble a game tower, you must have experience in cable management and hardware installation. Airflow is limited, so adding a fan to the bottom is recommended to improve airflow.

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The power supply comes with a non-modular case and does not support AIO cooling, but you can fit a 120mm radiator inside the chassis. Storage options are limited due to the lack of space inside the pink animal. There is no 3.5-inch drive, but it is clear that modern games need an SSD to run fast.

It also has a unique feature that only this chassis at this price point offers a WPC Qi 1.2 certified wireless charger. InWin has cleverly used its space to allow a 320mm GPU to fit inside. You can easily do one of the most powerful professional Titan V GPUs inside. Due to the small size, the front panel is placed at the top of the screen. Beautiful blends are highlighted with silver around the accessible panel but combined in color contrast. It offers two USB 3.0 Type-A connections and HD audio jacks. This panel is a corrosion-free stainless metal and its luster is long-lasting.


Brand: InWin | Case Form Factor: Mini ITX Tower | Case Material: SECC+Tempered Glass | Motherboard Support: Mini-ITX | Drive Bay: 0+0+2 | GPU Clearance: 320mm | CPU Clearance: 160mm | PSU Clearance: 343mm (preinstalled) | Radiator Compatibility: 120mm | USB Version: 3.0 | Weight: 16.72 pounds | Dimensions: 16.3 x 11.61 x 13.54 inches

Pink PC case: Apevia Aura-F-PK

Apevia Aura-F-PK is the best computer case with a pink frame. This case is a pink center tower pink PC bag that is the right size for your desktop. This device can accommodate first-class gaming products in the range it offers. This chassis has pink and black accents.

The device has four pre-installed RGB fans that are controlled via a shock-absorbing switch on the front. The chassis has a unique way to boost and restart with a separate button on our list.

The frame has smoked glass on the front and side that allows you to watch RGB lightning inside the chassis to the fans. Its distance from the CPU can easily place a huge overclock with Noctua NH-D15 capability in the 165 mm allowed space.

The RGB inside the smoky glass looks great, but it can’t be handled through mobo or BIOS software. However, it can be wheeled using the button on the front of the chassis. Users have encountered problems managing the cables inside the chassis.

The space of the wires at the bottom is not used properly. Once installed, the motherboard hits the top of the chassis, leaving no room for any radiators. Destroys air-resistant glass on the front. It can be replaced with a mesh or slightly moved frame to allow airflow, but it looks great.


What is a 3D mouse?

The front is also at the top because the middle tower is smaller than its competitors. This device has a USB 3.0 Type-A port, two USB 2.0 Type-A ports, HD Audio ports, black inside, and a PSU cover. The shroud acts as the airflow manager to the PSU and helps manage the cables.

The chassis, which allows significant airflow from the front, has gaps on both sides of the case. Provides enough air to the chassis to enter from the front and exit from the top. The option of installing two SSDs and two HDDs makes this pink bag very attractive.


Brand: Apevia | Pink Color: Exterior Accents | Case Form Factor: Mid Tower | Case Material: Metal Tempered glass panel + Alloy Steel | Motherboard Support: ATX / Micro ATX / ITX | Drive Bay: 0+2+2 | GPU Clearance: 350mm | CPU Clearance: 165mm | PSU Clearance: 240mm | Radiator Compatibility: Nil | USB Version: 3.0 | Weight: 14.82 pounds | Dimensions: 15.75 x 8 x 18 inches

Pink PC case: Apevia PRODIGY-PK

Apevia loves the honeycomb structure on the front stove. They showed it in their hunter series and combined Shirin in this micro ATX chassis. Apevia PRODIGY-PK is the best pink Micro-ATX bag. The three RGB fans are already shining inside.

Fans have RGB on the outer rings and internal structures to distinguish them. The 120 mm RGB fans also allow significant air to pass through the frame due to the mesh on the front.

The mesh is painted pink and has a large surface to maintain the desired airflow. This chassis is recommended for air-based CPU coolers because the CPU distance is large enough to accommodate first-class heaters. The chassis also has a low air pressure drop on the body.

The body on the table looks very nice, but it has some drawbacks. RGB fans include older connectors, so if you have no experience, you may have trouble connecting them to your PC. Standing screws are not included in the box, which can be annoying for people doing the first job. This means that you need to know everything you need to know before you start construction, and this again requires experience and feedback to be done in less time. Cable connections are also not included, so cable management can delay assembly.

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The frame can have a 240mm radiator for liquid-based cooling, which is often challenging to use in a micro-atx tower. You can quickly build a gaming machine that plays all AAA premium titles. The .2 13.22 frame has a USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 ports, HD audio jacks, a reset button, an on / off button, and an RGB cycling button on top.

This space has two 2.5-inch drives and two 3.5-inch drives, which is remarkable for a micro-atx tower. With this price range, you can not find a better deal. GPU licensing and ATX PSU support allow Margin to collect the top gaming beast most Twitch players need. The footprint of this bag is also very small for your desktop table.


Brand: Apevia | Pink Color: Full Exterior | Case Form Factor: Micro-ATX tower | Case Material: Metal Tempered glass panel | Motherboard Support: Micro ATX | Drive Bay: 0+2+2 | GPU Clearance: 350mm | CPU Clearance: 165mm | PSU Clearance: 140mm | Radiator Compatibility: 240mm | USB Version: 3.0 | Weight: 13.22 pounds | Dimensions: 16.14 x 7.95 x 15.55 inches

Pink PC case: SilverStone SG13P

This chassis is about minimalist performance and design. The SilverStone SG13P looks like a box or a beautiful toy from a toy store. This chassis can be the best pink Mini-ITX case as small as a chassis. It is recommended to use the chassis as HTPC. You can watch Netflix or play games with a low CPU. Despite its incredibly small size, it can accommodate a 240mm GPU, which is impressive. It also has a room for a 140 mm boiler, a great choice for small compartments that need gaming power. The case is all pink and has no other color accents.

You have a large oven in the front to allow proper airflow and minimum resistance in terms of cooling. Being a small chassis comes with its limitations. As if you can not install more than 1 SSD or 1 HDD in this chassis. The edges inside the chassis are sharp. You are more prone to cuts due to less space to work as an assembly.

It has a dust filter that is difficult to access and requires a lot of loosening. This can be a problem for people who place their gaming devices in unconditional airspace due to frequent suffocation. The input/output panel is located in front of the top and is difficult to access in some situations. The price is also unique for this section.

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This chassis allows the installation of a complete ATX power supply unit. The small form factor at least leaves a mark on your desk, but it has high ventilation. There are dedicated valves for the GPU that allow sufficient airflow. The pink color combines well with the appearance of the chassis. The front ports have two USB 3.0 and HD jacks.

On top of the case: It has an on / off button. Suppose you have a 140 mm RGB fan mounted on the front of the case. The light shines through the furnace and becomes aesthetically pleasing. In this small space, SilverStone offers good cable management options. It also has built-in motherboard stands.


Brand: SilverStone Technology | Pink Color: Interior and Exterior | Case Form Factor: Mini ITX | Case Material: Mesh or plastic front panel + steel body | Motherboard Support: Mini-ITX / Mini DTX | Drive Bay: 0+1+1 | GPU Clearance: 240mm | CPU Clearance: 61mm | PSU Clearance: 150mm | Radiator Compatibility: 140mm | USB Version: 3.0 | Weight: 10.24 pounds | Dimensions: 8.74 x 11.22 x 7.13 inches

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