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Left-handed keyboard: In a world full of 90% of right-handed dominators, 10% of suppressed left-handed people, they often suffer. This is like their needs and the struggles are piling up day by day.

With the rapid rise of the ladder from the world of information technology, working with technology products became a basic need.

But how can a left-handed person work on a device designed for right-handed use? When you pay dollars to buy that product, why compromise?

The keyboard is an important part of the computer, and this is one of the main things that cause problems for the lefties.

The number pad is on the right side and a lot of bending or twisting is needed to access it with the left hand.

Left-handed keyboard review

Left-handed keyboards, in addition to being more suitable for southern paws, actually have a complete advantage for right-handers.

They are not quite the opposite – just the number of pads on the left. You can see its appearance above and it is actually what you expect. You typically type with both hands and use your left hand to enter numbers or press keys such as the Print Screen.

So why the left hand? Well, it is very convenient for entering numbers and using the mouse at the same time, such as entering information in a table or spreadsheet. You also have easy access to the tab key, which is usually not far from the number page.

Having a number display on the left provides the same ergonomics as a keyless keyboard. Instead of turning off on the right, you can hold your mouse directly in front of you, which is a much more comfortable position.

This particular keyboard has other ergonomic advantages as well. The keys are slightly raised in the center and each has a slight angle. The idea is to place your elbows a little wider, placing your fingers in the corner of the center.
It feels better and the difference is so small that learning a new situation takes minutes instead of hours or days. It sounds a bit strange, but it makes a lot of sense ergonomically.

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There are other useful features here. For example, there is a set of shortcuts that run at the top of the keyboard, allowing you to access your Internet browser, search, or adjust the volume without using the mouse. This keeps your hands on the keyboard and minimizes distraction.

The right side of the keyboard is also a little thinner than expected, and the house is at the bottom, and the top-up, bottom-down, and all-in-one-line scrolls are full-size cursor keys. You will also notice the manual LED indicators for Caps, Scroll, and Num Lock on the right ….


The buttons like ‘Delete’ and ‘Backspace’ are too far from the dominant hand’s reach. Moreover, the positioning of the mouse becomes a problem. Yes, we can easily put the mouse to the left and use it.

But what about those USB ports which are to the left in most of the laptops and keyboards? It’s not fun when the mouse is always colliding with them.

An interesting technological development is the introduction of keyboards with smart card readers.

Some also come with a swiping system. And now, on which side of the keyboard do you think these cardholders are present?

Now, don’t you think the whole scenario demands keyboards that are lefthander friendly? Exactly! And there are a few of them that benefit the lefties.

These keyboards are designed such that they provide ergonomic profits to a common left-hander and also help them get their work done sooner

Why buy a left-handed keyboard for lefties?

The first reason is because you are left-handed. Left-handed people have always had to adapt for years to any object that is thought by and for right-handers, the general trend, from scissors to computer devices as we are now talking keyboards.

Today, there are some major variety of keyboards specially designed by and for left-handed people, or Left-handed keyboard adapters for left-handers and thus convert a conventional right-handed keyboard into one adapted for left-handed users.

This change will make life much easier in the office or at home of any left-handed person since this will help you to work and enjoy leisure in a more comfortable and above all fast way.

Therefore, if you are a left-handed person and you are thinking of buying a left-handed keyboard, you are in the right place. Do not think twice and start typing in a much more pleasant way in your day to day. Do not wait.

Left-Handed Keyboard benefits

First, people with a dominant left hand get the most out of left-handed keyboards.

Unlike standard keyboards, their numeric co-op screen is on the left, making the left and dominant hand more accessible.

Left-handed keyboards can also be useful for right-handed computer users with shoulder and arm pain.

By moving the numeric keys to the left of the keyboard, the mouse gets closer to shoulder width to the right, reducing the need to increase too much when working with the mouse.

Finally, left-handed keyboards are useful for people who have a damaged right hand and often need to enter 10-key information.

Although some of them may require habituation, a left-handed keyboard allows you to heal the injured right hand, or at least prevent the symptoms from getting worse.

Types of left-handed keyboards

DSI Left Handed Mechanical Keyboard

What do you do if you get an ergonomic keyboard with a very trendy look?

The DSI Left-hand keyboard is without a doubt the best option for installing your technology. It has a flexible design, keys with the right distance and the right position of important keys.

The number screen is on the left, and important keys such as “Delete”, “Caps Lock” and “Shift” are also on the left. You can say that they are more or less in the center.

Therefore, you do not need to move from side to side to use them. The right side has “back space” and enters keys that are not in the troublesome section.

Either keep them for a long time or use them once in a while. Therefore, having them to the right does not pose a major problem. The settings provide enough space to place the mouse in your comfort zone.

You can press real-time and soft keys to support your performance. They do not rub against each other and they are not very hard to squeeze.

They return immediately and have also been tested for a long time. In fact, the keys can be pressed and you can not grind up to 20 million clicks or more.

This is a very convenient advantage for users. Your wrists do not suffer from excessive pressure, displacement, or excessive mobility.

And your boss will appreciate the speed of your work. In addition, having such equipment motivates you to work longer or relaxes you so that you do not feel tired easily.

The performance detection of this keyboard is very fast and the computer connection is also excellent. This is a wired device so you have to connect USB.

This is the best option for office and home use. But there are people who do not like single-wire products, and this is understandable.

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But the wires are thick enough that you can easily tie them by accidental tying. The keypad edge is great for placing keys, ensuring flexible use and optimal support.

This does not affect the fit of the keyboard on your desktop. If you are looking for a long term solution, the price is affordable and a good buy

If you look at the other side of the coin, the keyboard has flaws that you need to know about.

In the first step, I searched a bit to find the “Backspace” key on the keyboard. The designer went for the old design and put the small “arrow” as the key to go back.

It is somehow mixed with the letters of the alphabet and is also smaller. This is not something I personally prefer. Backspace is best when it is large.

Second, the keys are not angled and are placed flat on the base. There is no backlight or radium print to support users in the dark. If you are a night owl, then you need to turn on your lights to work on it.

Both of these may not be your negatives because preferences are different individually. Overall, the DLS offers a classy keyboard with older color keys and a layout that reminds you of the old days.

B945 Light Strike Optical Gaming Keyboard

One of the left-hand keyboards is B945. The first thing you will notice about this keyboard is its fantastic design and layout! My eyes came out when I first encountered it.

All avid gamers and those who like to add something to their life, love this keyboard.


Due to the ergonomic advantages of the keyboard, the numeric keypad is moved to the center and the alpha keys are more or less centered.

And the keys you have a hard time using, such as “Page up” and “Page Down”, are on the right. This is a convenient setting for a left-handed person. A good way to avoid wrist and finger fatigue.

And the keyboard comes with great night-time usability. Yes, it has a backlight that helps the user to access it even in low light.

Gamers will definitely stay up at night and play their favorite games. You love the idea of ​​making a keyboard. The keys are larger and have a good height.

I thought the keys would not be transparent when used due to their larger size. But I was wrong. The keys are great when it comes to quick response, and there are numerous keys that are easy to use for short inputs. Performance keys for an easy approach.

The best feature of this product is its shockproof design. The material used to make this product is aluminum, which, compared to other screens made of plastic, immediately directs the keyboard to the top.

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There is a nano coating on both sides of the keyboard that prevents water leakage during accidental spillage. There are drain holes that allow water or any liquid to fall freely on it.

The keyboard is designed to withstand up to 100 million key pressures and difficult combinations. Optical sensors are digital and less prone to external damage.

The most attractive thing about the keyboard is the LED effect. It has 6 RGB LED brightness settings and you can jump from one animation to another. Using the function keys, you can easily select the display style. Apart from computer games, playing with this lighting is also fun! I always do that!

It’s a little expensive and comes with wiring, but if you think about other benefits, it’s nothing. Gaming keyboard that has exceptional features and is made for left-handed people.

Homelex Left-Handed Left Number Keyboard 

There is another left-handed keyboard on the market that you can consider buying. This is another wired keyboard on the market that properly pursues the goal.

The pad number is shifted and the function keys are in the center. Even the backspace key has a modern design and does not have an arrow format like the previous keyboard.

The keys are not too thick and they are very transparent to work with. Any problem in your spine or wrist goes away before you know it.

Movement is minimized and you do not have to spend all your calories switching between the keyboard and the mouse.

Desk suitable for using the mouse as well as holding books and pens close.

They are often on the sides and eventually engage with the mouse. Even with free mouse space, having these USB slots can be a problem. However, this keyboard solves this problem for us!

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These USB ports are at the top, next to the connecting wire. This is a brilliant idea that the designer had. No more noise about pen drives being cut off and devices colliding.

Unlike some of the keyboards on the market today, this one allows you to easily slide in and out of the slots.

The dimensions of the keyboard, despite being a wired device, ensure that it is heavy and portable.

The keys are close but do not rub against each other. The typing sound is not very noticeable.

However, the device is in a higher budget range despite the wiring. But this is something that I am not worried about seeing other features that are quite impressive and useful.

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