Dell PowerEdge R410

The Dell PowerEdge R410 is a powerful and ultra-compact 2U 1-socket server that offers Intel® Xeon® 5500 and 5600 series processor performance, DDR3 memory, and the availability of up to four hard drives (3.5 “or 2.5”). This is an exceptional value.

Features of the PowerEdge R410 include the HPCC (Open Performance High-Performance Computing Cluster) stack, excellent interactive LCD troubleshooting, and 24 “optimal chassis depth for data centers with limited HPCC space and environment

Dell PowerEdge R410 Review and specs

Dell’s 11th-generation PowerEdge R610 rack servers are well on their way to the PC Pro A list.

The R610 is the flagship server of the Dell 1U rack, and in this review, we shift the focus to the new entry-level PowerEdge R410.

This compact system is offered as a 1U rack starter server for small businesses, but also has a lot of eye on HPC, network computing, and rendering applications.

The system only came with a 250GB SATA hard drive quartet with built-in cold converters, but Dell offers many other options.

You can select SAS or SATA 3.5in or 2.5in drives as well as hot swap options.

The base model does not have RAID functionality because the drives connect to the motherboard’s built-in SATA interfaces.

Comes with an x16 PCI Express slot, the single-riser card on the back has a dedicated slot in the base that accepts Dell’s SAS 6 / iR or PERC 6 / I cards. We had a previous example that uses the LSI SAS1068E SAS controller chip and supports strips and mirrors.

The SAS 6 / iR card activates the four-port connector on the riser card, allowing it to be wired directly through each drive using a fan cable. Conveniently, the cables use hybrid SATA / power sockets and make it easy to remove cold switching drives. If you want a RAID5 or 6 arrays, you need to add a PERC 6 / I card instead.

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Next to the four drive compartments, the front panel for a DVD-ROM drive has several USB ports and a simple LED status screen. You can choose the backlit LCD version, which has a control keyboard to set the remote network address and scroll through power and temperature views.

Interior R410 has good access to all components. The memory and processors are covered in plastic wrap to improve airflow, and the four fan modules on the front of the motherboard are silent and unobstructed.

Dell PowerEdge R410 Features

Purposeful design

The PowerEdge R410 takes advantage of the salient features of the Dell system. The rack lock allows for easy installation and retransmission with rapid release and purposeful placement of interface ports and power supplies.

Sturdy metal hard disk carriers and an all-steel control arm can increase the integrity of the structure.

The purposeful design of the PowerEdge R410 is less complex, with more hassle-free cable routing for more efficient airflow and easier maintenance. An LCD screen at the front of the border provides access to a level for server deployment.

Energy optimization technology

The PowerEdge R410 uses energy-efficient technologies that reduce power consumption while increasing performance, so you can do more calculations while consuming less.

Low-power power supply units are the right size for system needs, with system-level design efficiency, policy-based power and heat management, and energy-efficient Energy Smart components.

A robust fan cage design with single-cage fan modules provides efficient airflow and ease of maintenance.

Energy-efficient and compact, the valuable and reliable PowerEdge R410 is designed for HPCC environments

Simplified systems management

The next generation of Dell OpenManage to management tools is designed to provide efficient performance and standard-based commands that integrate with existing systems for effective control.

This console provides a single view and a common data source throughout the infrastructure management.

The DMC has an easily expandable modular base that can provide basic hardware management or more advanced functions such as asset management and security.

The Dell Management Console is designed to reduce or eliminate manual processes, allowing you to save time and money by using strategic technology.

Secure and efficient, the Dell Life Cycle Controller offers integrated management through a single access point.

The Unified Server Configurator (USC) interface provides easy access to the tools embedded in the system and integrated into the system for considerable flexibility and functionality.

Lifecycle Controller is an integrated interface for deploying operating systems by installing internal drivers, BIOS, and operating system updates, and restore, hardware configuration and detection

Dell PowerEdge R410 Technical part

Server formatRack
Server configuration1U
CPU familyIntel Xeon
CPU nominal frequency2.13GHz
Processors supplied2
CPU socket count2
RAM capacity64GB
Memory typeDDR3
Hard disk configuration4 x 250GB Seagate Barracuda ES.2 SATA drives in cold-swap carriers
Total hard disk capacity1,000
RAID moduleDell SAS 6/iR
RAID levels supported0, 1
Gigabit LAN ports2
Conventional PCI slots total0
PCI-E x16 slots total1
PCI-E x8 slots total0
PCI-E x4 slots total0
PCI-E x1 slots total0
Power supply
Power supply rating480W
Noise and power
Idle power consumption115W
Peak power consumption188W
OS familyNone
Technical part Dell Power edge R410

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