Some of Acer Aspire TC-885 models review

Acer Aspire (Λspire or ΛSPIRE) is a collection of Acer Inc. PCs designed for the average home user. The Aspire series covers both desktops such as Acer Aspire TC-885 and laptops. Acer has produced this range from essentials to high performance.

Aspire mainly competes with computers such as the Asus Transformer Book Flip, VivoBook and Zenbook, Dell’s Inspiron and XPS, Pavilion HP, Specter, and Envy, Lenovo IdeaPad, Samsung Sens, and Toshiba Satellite.

The Aspire series was first introduced in 1999 when the Aspire 1151 was introduced and had an Intel Pentium 200 MHz. The Aspire series then replaced the AcerPower series in 2002 and became one of the main Acer series.

Some of Acer Aspire Desktop Models

  • TC-752
  • TC-760
  • TC-780
  • TC-780A
  • TC-865
  • TC-885
  • X1400
  • X1420

In this article, we will tell you about the Acer aspire TC-855 and the different types of this model.

Acer Aspire TC-855

This series of Acer desktops, like other desktops, is for home use for all digital tasks and is suitable for the entire family.

The kids can use it to work on school reports, while parents can use it to send emails and edit the photos taken on the last vacation.

This series of Acer Aspire has different models that are discussed in this article

Acer Aspire TC-885-UA92

The Acer Aspire TC-885-UA92 delivers incredible performance thanks to the new 9th generation Intel Core i5 processor, tons of RAM, and fast solid-state memory.

In addition, the standard tower has room for future upgrades and has a Wi-Fi connection, something you will rarely find on a cheap desktop computer.

It launches the Core i5-9400 processor, 12GB of memory, and 512GB of SSD memory from where it dropped last year’s Manto model. Based on performance and price, it easily drives to the top of the package, making it a recommended option for low-cost desktops.


This model is similar to the Acer Aspire TC-885-ACCFLi3O but adds more power and storage space to a lovely design.

Both desks measure 13.4 by 6.4 by 13.7 inches (HWD) and are housed in a stainless steel and plastic enclosure. In the new model, you still have a stylish orange V-shaped LED around the power button on the top front, next to the Acer logo.

Just below the power button is a silver midline that runs from top to bottom.

The bottom panel has a silver “Aspire” logo engraved on it, while on the right half of the front panel is a DVD drive loading tray and easy input/output ports.

You will get several slots for future updates including PCIe x16, PCIe X1, an M.2 for SSD, and an M.2 for WLAN / Bluetooth slot. In general, the system is well defined and usable.

Connectivity options include a USB 3.1 Type C port, a USB 3.1 port, a microphone/headphone jack, and an SD card reader, all located on the front panel.

On the back panel, there are two more USB 3.1 ports, four USB 2.0 ports, two HDMI ports, and one VGA port. You can also connect wirelessly via 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0. Acer includes a wired keyboard and mouse in the package.


When buying a system like the Acer Aspire TC-885-UA92, you are looking to use it in the office or as the main device for home use – in both cases, it works as it should.

With Intel Core i5-9400 processor with built-in Intel UHD Graphics 630.

Acer has paired it with 8GB of memory and 512GB of SSD, making it an everyday desktop computer.

The newer 9th generation processor has a maximum of 4.1 Hz, which has better performance than the previous generation i5 chips. This software performs better than most Core i3 desktops around.

If you do not need all the extra power and RAM, you may be looking to save on a few small monitors like the 21.5-inch Acer SB220Q bi, there is a Core i3 version of the same model, the Acer Aspire TC-885 -UA91 with a processor the Intel Core i3-9100 has 8GB of RAM and 512GB of SSD memory.

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Both of these devices are sufficient for daily productivity, are cost-effective, and look great in any workspace.

Acer always offers desktops that can be used for everyday tasks such as editing office applications, media consumption, and web-based browsing for at least the next six years.

Its game scorecard is very slim compared to PCs like our Editors’ Choice budget budget, the CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme GXiVR8060A7, but you should be able to play games like Minecraft with low resolution easily.


  • Nice price
  • 12GB of memory and 512GB SSD storage
  • Good connectivity
  • Solid performance numbers


  • The 300-watt power supply limits upgrades

Technical Details

Standing screen display size0.1
Graphics CoprocessorIntel UHD Graphics 630
Card DescriptionIntegrated
Graphics Card Ram Size0.1 GB
Wireless Type802.11ab
Number of USB 2.0 Ports4
Number of USB 3.0 Ports4
Technical Details

Other Technical Details

Item model numberTC-885-UA92
Hardware PlatformWindows
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home
Item Weight3.53 ounces
Product Dimensions13.78 x 6.42 x 13.39 inches
Item Dimensions LxWxH13.78 x 6.42 x 13.39 inches
Processor BrandIntel
Computer Memory TypeDDR4 SDRAM
Flash Memory Size512
Hard Drive InterfaceSolid State
Hard Drive Rotational Speed0.01 RPM
Optical Drive TypeDVD-RW
Technical Details

Acer Aspire TC-885-UR17

The Acer Aspire TC-885-UR17 comes with a quad-core Intel Core i7-8700 processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 512GB SSD for storage.

This shows a strong configuration that sells for less than a great price. This seems like a good price for a PC at work that lacks LEDs on gaming PCs.


Aspire TC-885 is not just about new specs. This is a new design At first glance, the compartment looks like a standard black box.

Plug it in, though, and the device glows nicely around the top front panel with the corner switch.

Then there is a symmetrical silver line from top to bottom. These details may be in the form of cheese or distractions, but the light is delicately diffused and acts as a band light for the front doors, making it easy to move around in a dark room.

The class compartment looks compact and provides plenty of room to expand (PCIe x16, PCIe X1, one M.2 for SSD and another M.2 for WLAN / Bluetooth), but still out of the box he does.

Dimensions of 3.39 by 6.42 by 13.78 inches (HWD), in particular, are not a small factor, often small, but used at the end of standard towers for public desktops.


Intel 8th generation processors have a significant leap compared to the previous generation, and you can especially feel it with the Core i7-8700.

In GeekBench tests, this CPU delivers impressive results, especially in multi-core performance.

It uses six cores and twelve cores to score multiples of 19,653, which is a masterpiece you can get from gaming desktops using Intel K series chips. It is not abandoned in single-core operation either.

In day-to-day operations, Aspire can handle productivity well and never hesitates with most tasks, including spreadsheet processing, MS Office tasks, and project management suites.

Do you have to finish spreadsheets while playing video in the background, or do you have to work with 20 tabs in Chrome and Photoshop? This desktop will handle a complex scenario like this well.

In addition to the excellent CPU configuration and 8 GB of RAM, the 512 GB solid state drive storage option is fully available.

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You can save most of your files and still enjoy the fast start-up time of the program.

It is faster than most hard drives used in some laptops and desktops, but it is still affordable.

Graphic performance

The thing most people want to know about this relatively cheap desktop is whether it can play games. If you’re talking about regular gaming, the Intel UHD Graphics 630 lets you play just like any other integrated graphics card.

However, if you can play at least 1080p smoothly in modern games, look for something with a separate graphics card.

Still, it is enough to edit media and movies, which is almost suitable for desktop productivity in its classroom.

The Dell XPS 8930 has similar ROM specifications but adds a dedicated Nvidia GTX 1050Ti graphics card for 1080p integrated gameplay while also appealing to office environments.


  • Great productivity performance
  • Solid port options
  • Good base for expansion


  • Would do with a dedicated graphics card

Acer Aspire TC-885-UR17 specs

  • Storage: 512 GB
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Model: Aspire TC-885-UR17
  • Processor speed: 3.2 GHz
  • Processor Type: Core i7
  • Graphics Card Type: Intel UHD Graphics 630
  • OS : Windows
  • Color : Black
  • Release Date : July 15, 2018
  • Series : Aspire
  • Brand : Acer
  • Weight : 240 oz

Acer Aspire TC-885-ACCFLi5O

With Intel’s new Coffee Lake processors, PC makers are updating their readiness for big sales.

The Acer Aspire TC-885-ACCFLi5O is the latest in desktop PCs and the first PC with an Optane Memory budget to be offered through our desktop.

This time, the Aspire TC-885 has an Intel Core i5-8400 processor, 24 GB of total memory (16 GB of Optane memory and 8 GB of RAM), and 2 terabytes of hard disk memory.

It also has a compact chassis that is easily accessible and the space for expansion is considerable – making it a low-cost desktop computer with enough power to manage media projects, entertainment needs. At home, work at work and everything in between is painless.


The spiritual version of the Aspire TC series uses the same chassis tested as the previous models, but this repetition is quite good.

Instead of a plain black front panel, it now receives an orange V-shaped LED around the on/off button at the top next to the Acer logo and a silver line from the middle from top to bottom.

The bottom panel has the same Aspire logo and holds a tray-loading DVD drive and several I / 0 ports in the right half.

It looks classy, ​​compact, and still provides room for updates (PCIe x16, PCIe X1, one M.2 for SSD, and one M.2 for WLAN / Bluetooth), but you don’t need any There is no change in working. It measures 15.22 by 7.09 by 14.02 inches (HWD), all black and white except for the silver accents on the face.

This is not a very small factor that is often small, but it is at the end of standard towers for public desktops.


Highlights here, of course, are the Intel Coffee Lake processor, 2.8 GHz Core i5-8400 memory, and 16 GB Optane memory. For direct comparison, this is a competitive version of the AMD Ryzen 5 2600, for people whose pockets can not fit a K series processor.

Coffee Lake CPU skill in multi-discipline work is impressive and has better performance than previous models and has a higher clock speed. This reflects the improvement of Kaby Lake, as well as the talent of the eight-generation processor in versatile and multitasking efficiency.

While the processor has the muscle to play low-level games, the results of in-game tests rely more on the graphics card.

As with Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card, it has appeared on low-cost desktops with smooth gaming.

However, the Intel UHD Graphics 630 in this system is not enough for gaming, it is only able to play normal games with very low frames per second (frames per second).

If, as many gamers prefer to play in HD, you can check out the CyberPowerPC GXIVR8020A5 – our editors’ choice for budget desktops.


  • Fast all-around performance
  • Easy-access case with room for expansion


  • Case is a little tight to work in

Technical Details

Graphics CoprocessorIntel UHD Graphics 630
Card DescriptionIntegrated
Wireless Type802.11ac
Number of USB 2.0 Ports4
Number of USB 3.0 Ports3
Technical Details

Other Technical Details

Item model numberTC-885-ACCFLi5O
Hardware PlatformPC
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home
Item Weight16.66 pounds
Product Dimensions13.78 x 6.42 x 13.39 inches
Item Dimensions LxWxH13.78 x 6.42 x 13.39 inches
Processor BrandIntel
Processor Count6
Computer Memory TypeDDR SDRAM
Hard Drive InterfaceSerial ATA
Hard Drive Rotational Speed7200 RPM
Optical Drive TypeDVD-RW
Technical Details

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