Vizio smart tv

Vizio Smart TV: Watching your favorite movies or series on a smart TV is better than doing it with a laptop.

With bigger screens and a better sound system, if you can not go to the cinema, it is an alternative.

When it comes to smart TVs, Vizio is a cheap and convenient choice.

VIZIO Inc. is a privately held company that designs and sells TVs, audio bars, speakers and remote products for SmartCast tablets. It makes these products possible through retailers and online. Its legal name was originally V Inc, but in April 2007 it was changed to VIZIO Inc.

The company was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Erwin, California, USA.

When it comes to television, Visio has established itself as one of the most trusted brands.

Their latest TV lines feature smart capabilities, audio controls and 4K UHD resolution.

If you want to cut the wire with your cable or satellite provider, you can stream your favorite shows and movies with Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube.

Although they are not compatible with other advanced brands, the Vizio smart TV is excellent in terms of price.

It tracks viewers’ habits and shares them with advertisers, a way cable companies have been banned from doing, but Vizio says it is legal for TV producers.

Vizio TV review

Vizio is a US-based television brand and one of the youngest members of the North American television market. Visio product lines are not as rich and extensive as other brands, and the TVs of this brand have a reasonable price index, while their quality is sometimes very high.
In 2018, Vizio released the 2018 Model P and the Vizio P Quantum series, which outperformed many other expensive models from other brands in tests and rankings. The Vision P-Series Quantum is still one of the best LED / LCD TVs ever available.

Vizio TVs typically have a multi-purpose operating system, and their smart user interface is not as advanced as most competitors. Although the latest Visio models have a newer interface with a more attractive and interesting look, they still focus on the price.

The smart platform of this series of TVs from Visio is very weak in the abundance of available and useful software, but you can easily connect to the TV through your mobile phone or computer and easily broadcast your desired content directly.

The general downside of low-power main-chip AI-enabled video TVs is the magnification and upscaling of low-quality 4K content, but that shouldn’t be a big deal for most users.

Because of their competitive price, superb display performance in dark environments due to high contrast and very high backlight accuracy, and minimal input latency for the best gaming experience, make Vizio an extremely reliable brand.

The 2016 Vizio series includes models from affordable TVs such as the 2018 D-Series 4K to the highest-grossing TV Vizio has ever released, the P-Series Quantum, which is a special TV and is only available in 65-inch sizes.

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The PQ65-F1 has outstanding performance. And it is one of the best and most valuable in the US market and has excellent image quality and excellent performance in dark environments.
The motion of the screen is perfect, and thanks to its short input time, the TV is very fast and has instant speech.

The Vizio mid-range TV, the 2018 P series, is almost as good as the P-Series Quantum and is among our best choices in the mid-range. It has great contrast, great motion, and great gaming performance.
Finally, the best affordable model of Visio E Series 2018, excellent performance in low light environments due to the high contrast of the VA panel of this series of TVs, as well as the Diggs load, the input delay is minimized and the gaming performance of this The series does not hurt either.
But on the whole, this TV is more affordable for dark environments and does not have a very bright screen for bright rooms.

Vizio TV strengths and weaknesses



Vizio’s TVs have a high picture quality policy for a very reasonable price. High-end models of Visio, even with better performance than their main competitors, are sometimes priced up to one-third lower, as well as mid-range models and .. compared to Range competitors.

Their quality is much more reasonably priced.

Image quality in dark environments

All mid-range TVs have a VA display with a high contrast ratio of 1 to 4500, which allows them to display the purest black color that an LED TV can display; In addition, high-definition TVs use highly advanced FALD backlighting, so the spotlight of most video displays for best performance in dark environments is flawless.

Input delay

All video models have very low input latency and therefore will be very responsive and suitable for gimmicks, even for professional gamers.

weak points


TVs have an extremely high pay-to-pay ratio, which means a very high purchase value, but it is possible that their production is limited to the US market and you can hardly see a model of Vizio in the domestic market in Iran until now.


The platform of Visual Smart TVs is “Smart Cast”. This platform is designed to be very simple and rudimentary and offers few features, especially compared to its competitors, and this can clearly be considered one of the weaknesses of video TVs, especially since even the player of this TV series is weak and better due to the platform.

To play content on these TVs separately from a separate device such as a player or wirelessly connect your smartphone and laptop to the TV.

Zoom in

“Upscaling” Visual processing chips do not have the ability to apply the optimal smart zoom mode on low-quality HD content and DVDs to higher resolutions such as flawless 4K, and usually the zoomed content is blurry than the zoomed content. In other TVs, it is from other brands.

Smart TV

How to connect laptop to Vizio smart tv wirelessly? 

There are many ways to connect your laptop to vizio smart tv, including: 


Using PLEX

Plex lets you watch movies on your smart TV from your laptop without a wired connection. This program is able to list all your video and audio files and stream them to any device.

To use it, you need to have a Plex program. In addition to streaming with Vizio TV, you can also use Vizio to stream your phone, tablet and other devices.

Among its advantages are the following:

  • Plex does not support screen reflection.

Wireless HDMI

If you are no longer interested in cable connections, HDMI Wireless is a great option.

HDMI lets you enjoy high quality movies, as well as high-speed transmission.

With HDMI, you no longer need wires for active connections. You must have wireless HDMI to stream.

The following two steps will help a lot.

First, use the USB port to connect the transmitter to the laptop. Ensuring a secure connection ensures smooth data transfer.
Connect your receiver to your smart TV. You do not need any installation software to start playing.

STEAM LINK (completely for games)

Streaming allows you to play movies on smart TV screens in the simplest way, in addition to watching movies. For a better experience the game is better.

To use this method, you need to have a streaming link in place and you can buy it from Amazon.

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You can add games to the Steam library by clicking on Add a Game button. To start using the steam link, use the following steps; 

  • Buy and launch steam on your laptop then log in. 
  • Connect the Steam Link to your Vizio smart TV. 
  • Now, pair your laptop with Steam Link.

You match after connecting the keyboard, mouse, and controllers, then find the device to start streaming. 

If you have a NVidia Shield TV or Android TV media streamer, you can make use of the Steam Link app in place of the Steam Link box. 

Smart TV



The same method is the Chromecast plex that you can connect your Smart TV screens to your computer with Chromecast without using a cable.

You must have Chromecast and Google Chrome up to date to use it. How to connect requires several steps, including:

  • Launch the Chrome browser on the laptop.
  • Launch an app or website supported by Chromecast
  • Use the Cast button to stream videos directly to your smart TV.
  • You can now watch your favorite shows from your smart TV.

Note: You can use your laptop to do other things while doing other things.


Miracast is a wireless technology that helps you display your laptop screen to smart TVs and monitors.

And lets you play games, watch movies or present PowerPoint.

For Windows 10 and 8.1, your laptops already have the device installed. If you do not have it installed, you can update your drivers. You can also purchase Miracast adapters.

To use wireless technology, follow these steps:

  • Consider adding a wireless screen to your laptop. To do this, scroll to the bottom right corner, then click on devices, then project, and then add the wireless screen. You can select one of the many tools that are displayed.
  • Display your videos now. Go to the bottom right corner and then click on Devices. Click on a project and then click on the second page.

After doing this, you must select one of the four settings shown. They are:

  • The copy is displayed on the screen of your TV and laptop
  • The only the computer screen that allows you to watch the only computer
  • Expand where you use your TV as an extension
  • The second TV (smart TV) is just where you can not see anything through your laptop.
Smart TV

Connecting with cables better or connecting wirelessly? 

Both have advantages and disadvantages. Connecting using cables makes your speed faster and more efficient, but limits you to using HDMI and direct connection.

Using it for a wireless connection does not require a cable, but instead, you may experience low quality latency and current transmission.

It depends on the user’s preference which one is better.

Best Vizio smart tv  

Best Overall: P-Series Quantum 65-Inch 

The P Quantum 65-Inch Series is released with the best balance between form and performance at a price point that is more convenient on the wallet than other 4K UHD models.

It works with Vizio’s Quantum Color technology to provide 115% more color than their standard 4K TVs for deeper saturation and true images.

The screen uses backlit QLED arrays that give you a brightness of 1100 nits.

So, you can watch your favorite movies and shows in all but the brightest environments.

It also has 200 low-light areas to create deep blacks for superior contrast.

Brand Name: VIZIO 
Item Weight: 54.3 pounds 
Product Dimensions: 57 x 2.7 x 32.7 inches 
Item model numberP659-G1 

Best Splurge: P-Series Quantum X 75-Inch 

If you are looking to indulge yourself with a new TV and do not care to pay extra to get everything you want, the P-Series Quantum X 75-inch is the choice.

It offers all the ringtones and whistles you would expect at this price, including Dolby Vision HDR support for a truly stunning 4K UHD display.

Using a full array of backlit LEDs for an impressive 2700 nits, this screen lets you enjoy your favorite shows and movies in almost any environment.

Brand Name: VIZIO 
Item Weight: 78.6 pounds 
Product Dimensions: 65.7 x 2.6 x 39.2 inches 
Item model number: PX75-G1 
Batteries: 2 AAA batteries required. (included 

Best for Gaming: P-Series Quantum X 65-Inch 

It uses Vizio’s Quantum Color technology to produce more than 1 billion different colors, as well as QLED technology for better saturation and contrast, such as the Quantum X 75-inch.

This TV has 4K UHD capability and Dolby Vision HDR support for fantastic details in movies, shows and games.

The 65-inch Quantum X can produce up to 3,000 nits of brightness, giving you exceptional image quality in almost any lighting environment.

Brand Name: VIZIO 
Item Weight: 73 pounds 
Product Dimensions: 57 x 2.7 x 32.7 inches 
Item model number: PX65-G1 
Batteries: 2 AAA batteries required. (included) 

Best for Streaming: SmartCast E-Series 60-Inch 

The 60-inch Smart Cast E-Series TV was built from scratch to be the latest streaming media player.

With Vizio’s SmartCast, you get a one-on-one menu for Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video so you can get to your favorite shows and movies without having to scroll through multiple interfaces.

The remote control includes dedicated buttons for specific applications as well as a simple design for browsing without frustration and searching.

You can also turn your smartphone or tablet into a remote control with the Smart Cast app.

This model supports Chromecast for live streaming from Android devices or Windows PCs.

  • Class Size:                      60″ 
  • Screen Size (Diag.):        60″ 
  • Panel:                           TypeVA 
  • Smart Platform:          VIZIO SmartCast™ w/ Google Cast™ Built-in
  • Resolution:                 Ultra HD – 3840×2160


Smart TV

Best for Bright Rooms: Vizio V-Series 43-Inch 

With a 43-inch TV, you can enjoy your favorite movies and shows without having to sit in complete darkness.

Emphasizing Vizio’s Ultra Bright 400 technology to deliver up to 400 nits of brightness, this model enables you to enjoy a great image in almost any ambient light.

It also supports Dolby Vision HDR with 4K UHD resolution for a truly superior image.

The full-backlit LED display has 10 low-light local areas that react in real-time to deep black and light whites for better contrast to bring out the details.

Brand Name: VIZIO 
Item Weight: 26.8 pounds 
Product Dimensions38.4 x 3.3 x 22.4 inches 
Item model number: V436-G1 


As a result, wireless connections between your laptop and the Visio Smart TV are the best options you can choose from.

The above methods, namely Chromecast, HDMI wireless, Plex, Miracast and Steam Link, are the best ways to make connections.

You can use one or more methods to stream. Using these methods, you can enjoy HD quality views.

Overall, Vizio TVs have great picture quality for their price. They are not as polished as the original brand offers, but they are one of the best value for money you can get.

Their smart platform leaves a lot to be desired, and some people may want to upgrade as a tuning box like Roku or NVIDIA Shield TV.

With these methods we have listed, you can now connect your laptop wirelessly to your smart TV. You no longer need HDMI cables and adapters to mirror your TV screen.

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