The Dell S3221QS Curved Monitor is unmatched among its peers. Although most displays come with a higher refresh rate and resolution. In fact, with the exception of a logo or perhaps some RGB lights, most monitors can best be described as uniform. This is not the case with the Dell […]

Dell has been neutralizing the XPS 15 with the same design for several years, and this story will not change much for 2019. The Dell XPS 15 (7590) comes with some minor improvements, including fixing the placement of the webcam and delivering the latest version from Intel and NVIDIA for […]

Choosing Dock station is hard enough, especially if you want to buy a new computer. Here we will help you choose from the best dell K17A Dock stations. we reviewed two of them for you. The best of Dell k17a dock stations: Dell D6000 Dock The D6000 Dock Universal Dock […]

Dell P2214H monitor is one of Dell professional series monitors with LED technology and new IPS technology. The screen size of this device is 22 inches and its image size is 1920. 1080 or in other words Full HD. This monitor is in the category of professional monitors and is […]

Introducing the Dell Precision 7710 laptop, which is undoubtedly one of the best in graphics and film editing. As you know, the Dell DELL brand installs a variety of laptops for enthusiasts in various fields, and this has led to the brand leading the way in the production of laptops […]

The Dell PowerEdge R410 is a powerful and ultra-compact 2U 1-socket server that offers Intel® Xeon® 5500 and 5600 series processor performance, DDR3 memory, and the availability of up to four hard drives (3.5 “or 2.5”). This is an exceptional value. Features of the PowerEdge R410 include the HPCC (Open […]

Dell has always been one of the top brands in the production of professional monitors and even in 2018 won the title of the top brand of monitor manufacturers in the world from the perspective of IDC. The Dell P2217H 21.5-inch monitor uses an IPS panel, allowing users to enjoy […]

Dell Inspiron 3520 laptop by the popular company Dell, which is one of the series of Inspiron 15 3000 laptops. The Dell Inspiron 3520 is reasonably priced and gets its power from the Core i3 processor. Despite small features such as easy memory upgrades and Bluetooth support, this product has […]

Mini PC such as Dell Mini PC, HP Mini PC,… is a combination of proper power and performance and coordination of parts, which provides very high efficiency for the user due to the coordination of the parts used by the manufacturer. Generally, Mini PCs, in addition to low power consumption […]

The Dell PowerEdge 2900 comes in a tower or rackmount configuration. Of the popular rackmount 2950, ​​the PowerEdge 2900 has a larger chassis with slots for up to eight (8) 3.5 “hard drives, as well as two (2) additional drives if optional flexibly is installed. Designed with multi-core technology, the […]