The Samsung Galaxy Book flex Alpha 2-in-1 Laptop Review

The Samsung Galaxy Book flex Alpha 2-in-1 Laptop is the company’s latest attempt to highlight less success on Windows PCs. But this 2-in-1 laptop combines powerful performance with some unique features to deliver successful results.

From a bright 15-inch screen to powerful performance and even more impressive color, the Galaxy Book Flex could be the laptop that brings Samsung back to PC conversation.

What’s more, the cool Qi charging touchscreen offers a unique feature that we’d like other laptop makers to play with.


Samsung works with amazing colors. The Royal Blue Galaxy Book Flex is no exception. Just like that Chromebook, the Galaxy Book Flex aluminum chassis absorbs light, so you get a gradient of color.

At 0.6 inches and weighing 3.4 pounds, the Galaxy Book Flex is lighter than the Dell XPS 15 (0.5 ~ 0.7 inches, 4.5 pounds).

Because it’s a 2-in-1 convertible, you can rotate the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex display up to 360 degrees to use it as a tablet or put it in display or tent mode. I hope the Galaxy Book Flex hinge is a little stronger since Samsung launches its S-Pen. It shakes a little. Fortunately, the screen is so heavy that it does not cause any problems when using the Galaxy Book Flex in tablet mode.


The Samsung Galaxy Book flex Alpha 2-in-1 Laptop is impressive with the 15.4-inch QLED screen of the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex, which is capable of producing high brightness and vivid colors. Watching the F9 trailer. The floor on which Wayne Diesel fought John Cena.

Using the Galaxy Book Flex for a short moment in the park. In the sun, the Galaxy Book Flex screen looks a bit dim. But after hitting Fn + F10 to enable this mode, the page recovered some of its pop with some legibility and vibrant colors.

However, Outdoors Mode cannot compete with stunning entertainment.

According to our colorimeter, the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex produces 158.2% of the sRGB color spectrum and up to 381.2 nits of brightness. By turning on Outdoors mode, this brightness reaches 536 nits. The 4K Specter x360 OLED (258, 483 nits), 4K XPS 15 (210, 418 nits) and 4K XPS 15 OLED (239, 626 nits) are brighter and more colorful.


Intel 10th Gen Core i7-1065G7 CPU and 12GB of Galaxy Book Flex RAM allow for fast multitasking.

On Geekbench 4.3 overall performance benchmark, the Galaxy Book Flex netted 19,137 in the multi-core test. And while the XPS 15 (Intel Core i9-9980HK processor and 32GB of RAM) is under 28,882, it is not reflected in the Galaxy Book Flex as the XPS 15.

The 512GB SSD on the Galaxy Book Flex duplicated 4.97GB of files in 26.54 seconds, which is less than the 10-second and 12-second transfer times of the XPS 15 (1TB SSD) and Specter x360 (1TB SSD), respectively.

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In the Dirt 3 racing game, the Galaxy Book Flex ran at average 1080p graphics at 52 frames per second, but the Specter x360 (Intel Core i7-8565U CPU, Nvidia GeForce MX150 GPU, 16GB RAM) at 118pm. Destroyed speed. Frames per second.

Technical parts

Keyboard, touch screen and touch screen

The keys on the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex are not the main problem: this is the layout. Using the shallow keys of the Galaxy Book Flex (similar to the disturbed and mostly retired MacBook Pro butterfly keyboard), it recorded a speed of 65 words per minute in a 10-finger fast typing test with an accuracy of 80%.

This distance has an average accuracy of 80 and 88 minutes per minute. The Galaxy Book Flex fingerprint reader, which sits just below the back key and takes up half the space needed for the Shift key, is to blame. Because it has half the Shift key.

Just as Apple did not have to reinvent keyboards with the Butterfly key, Samsung did not need to break the Shift key to create a new home for the fingerprint reader. Of course, this new location really makes it easy to find the fingerprint reader.

But it was very easy to use in the upper right corner where there is a star button, just like the one on the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Flex.

The Galaxy Book Flex has a very large touch screen at 4.7 3. 3.1 inches and offers smooth and responsive navigation. The matte red rectangle (which neutralizes the cherry red keyboard deck) quickly recorded my two-finger and three-finger scrolling movements in Chrome.

Likewise, when using the Start menu and opening the Action Center, the 15.6-inch Galaxy Book Flex touch screen recorded my swipe and swipe speed and accuracy. Navigating the page in Google Docs also went smoothly.

Audio and camera

Listening to The Arcade Fire on the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex, I realized how the average living room fills me with clear, precise vocals and clear violin strings. The same quality came with Ghostface Killah’s “Cherchez La Ghost.”

The 0.9-megapixel webcam inside the Galaxy Book Flex can be used for zooming, but it is very grainy for taking any serious movie. Unfortunately, this is a standard for laptops and should not come as a surprise.

Ports and Pen S

You’ll see the faster Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports on the Galaxy Book Flex to its right, next to the power button and its S-Pen stand. The standard USB-C port, headphone jack and MicroSD reader are on the left.

Samsung also introduces a USB-C to HDMI adapter and a USB-C to USB-A adapter. The Dell XPS 15 and HP Specter x360 15 both have USB-A and Thunderbolt 3, plus HDMI.

The S-Pen, which protrudes so slightly, feels kind of unnecessary to this device. When I removed it from the computer, a list of potential commands was displayed on the screen.

These included taking notes and viewing, using the S-Pen to draw an area for a screenshot, and even annotating the screen. The creative class likes this option, rather than hesitating or drawing or taking notes by hand, not with their own keys.

Prices and settings

Samsung sells the Galaxy Book Flex in two sizes, each with a single configuration. We tested the 15-inch Galaxy Book Flex, which Samsung is now reducing to $ 1,111 – compared to $ 1,399. The laptop comes with a 10th Intel Core i7 (Ice Lake) processor, 12GB of RAM and a 15.6-inch QLED 1080p display.

Its smaller sibling, the 13-inch Galaxy Book Flex, is usually $ 1,334, but Samsung is selling it for $ 864.

The phone also features an Ice Lake Core i7 CPU, 8GB of RAM, 512GB SSD and a 13.3-inch QLED 1080p display. Both are made in the construction of the old Royal Blue Block, which you can see in these photos.

The Galaxy Book Flex launched in May 2020.

Battery life and Qi touch screen

Talk about flex. Samsung Galaxy Book Flex succeeds in testing our laptop battery (web browsing with 150 nits of brightness), enables long hours of 15 hours and 44 minutes – and 13 hours and 14 minutes with Outdoors mode. XPS 15 (4K non-OLED: 8:48, 4K OLED: 8:07) and Specter x360 OLED (7:46) lasted much less.


The Galaxy Book Flex stays cool under pressure. After playing 15 minutes of HD video on a Samsung notebook, our firearm lowered the temperature below the 95-degree comfort threshold.

The bottom surface (the hottest point of the laptop) varies from 84 degrees Fahrenheit to 92 degrees through the outlet, and the touch screen (74 degrees) and keyboard (82 degrees) are not hot.

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex Alpha Full Specifications


ModelGalaxy Book Flex Alpha
Launch Date3rd January 2020
Model NameSamsung Galaxy Book Flex Alpha
SeriesGalaxy Book
Dimensions (mm)202.00 x 304.90 x 13.90
Weight (kg)1.19
ColoursRoyal Silver
Operating systemWindows 10
Battery Capacity (WHR)54


Resolution1920×1080 pixels


RAM Slot (Unused)1




Wi-Fi standards supported802.11 a/b/g/n/ac


Web CameraYes
Backlit KeyboardYes
SpeakersStereo Speakers
Finger Print SensorYes

Ports and slots

Number of USB Ports3
USB Ports2 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 3.0 (Type C)
HDMI PortYes
Headphone and Mic Combo JackYes


During this review, the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex, amazing battery life and 10th Core i7 performance fit for a 15-inch laptop built for work, while its built-in S-Pen is a good score for the creative class.

That said, while Outdoors mode helps brighten the Galaxy Book Flex, you’ll find a brighter, more colorful screen on the E OLED XPS 15. However, you will pay at least $ 345 more for a Dell laptop, and you will also lose battery life. And compared to the $ 2547 super fast XPS 15 mentioned above, the $ 1399 Samsung Galaxy Book Flex seems like a bargain.

Overall, the Galaxy Book Flex is one of the best laptops for creators who want a big canvas for their next project.

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