MSI 970A-G46 Motherboard

The MSI 970A-G46 is a motherboard compatible with AMD processors with a Socket AM3 + socket.

It has a maximum RAM of 32 GB DDR3 and complies with the standard ATX form factor.

Review and Specs

MSI 970A-G46 uses AMD Socket AM3 + processor socket. Each compatible AMD processor will have the same socket input. It uses DDR3 memory with a maximum speed of 2133 MHz and 4 DDR3 slots with a maximum of 32 GB of RAM.

According to the ATX standard, the MSI 970A-G46 should fit most cases.

ATX is the most common form factor, as well as highly compatible with other components while providing the right number of slots to expand your development options.

MSI 970A-G46 has 6 SATA 3.0 card slots. These are possible for a theoretical transfer rate of up to 6 Gbps versus 3 Gbps SATA 2.0.

In general, only high-performance hard drives, especially solid-state drives, are able to use the bandwidth of SATA 3.0 ports, although it is compatible with the past, so there is no need to take advantage of it.

MSI 970A-G46 supports onboard graphics. This allows for integrated graphics when paired with a compatible CPU. Integrated graphics are a cheap option for using a graphics card, but should be avoided when using modern applications or games that require heavy graphics processing. There are 2 PCIe x16 slots in this motherboard.

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This means that it is perfectly compatible with the latest graphics cards, although it is important to try to use a graphics card with the same PCIe v2.x graphics card interface, as not everything below will reach the potential of the motherboard and everything above will not work. It has been reduced to the maximum bandwidth of PCIe v2.x MSI 970A-G46.

The MSI 970A-G46 supports 2 connected Nvidia SLI graphics cards or up to 2 connected Crossfire AMD graphics cards to improve overall graphics performance at a multiplier cost based on the graphics power consumption as well as the price of the cards themselves.

MSI 970A-G46 has 7 USB 2.0 slots and 2 USB 3.0 slots. USB 3.0 slots are theoretically capable of transferring data at speeds of up to 5 Gbps, which is more than 10 times faster than the maximum speed of USB 2.0 at 480 Mbps.

Although USB 2.0 slots now work as well as they used to, with the advent of USB 3.0 compatible peripherals, your system supports better than ever. USB 3.0 is also compatible with USB 2.0, which means you don’t even need to use the newer slot feature if you don’t want to.



Form factorATX


Processor manufacturerAMD
Socket count1
Presence of build-in CPUno
Build-in CPU name
FSB maximal frequencyHyperTransport
FSB minimal frequencyHyperTransport
Hyper-Threading supportno
Multicore processor supportyes
CPU Support ListAMD FX/Phenom II X6/X4/X3/X2/Sempron


Chipset manufacturerAMD
Chipset modelAMD 970
Intel vPro supportno


BIOS manufacturernot specified
BIOS recovery possibilityno
EFI (UEFI) supportno


RAM slot count4
RAM maximal frequency, MHz2133
RAM minimal frequency, MHz800
RAM Dual-channel mode supportyes
RAM triple-channel mode supportno
RAM Quad-channel mode supportno
RAM max volume, Gb32
ECC supportno
ECC max volume, Gb0
Registered (buffered) memory supportno

PCI/Graphic card

AGP supportno
PCI-E x16 count2
SLI/Crossfire supportSLI/CrossFireX
PCI Express 2.0 supportyes
PCI Express 3.0 supportno
Dual-channel PCI Express modenot supported
Triple-channel PCI Express modenot supported
Quad-channel PCI Express modenot supported
Seven-channel PCI Express modenot supported
PCI-E x8 count0
PCI-E x4 count0
PCI-E x1 count2
PCI count2
PCI-X count0
PCI-x type


SATA controller presenceyes
SATA controller modelAMD SB950
SATA 1.5 Gb/s count0
SATA 3.0 Gb/s count0
SATA 6.0 Gb/s count6
mSATA count0
SATA RAID mode0, 1, 5, 10
SATAe count0
SATA M.2 count0
SATA M.2 type


IDE supportno
IDE count0
IDE type


SCSI controller presence no
SCSI controller model
SCSI count0
SCSI type


SAS controller presence no
SAS controller model
SAS count0


Ethernet controller presenceyes
Ethernet speed1000 MBit/s
Ethernet controller modelRealtek 8111E


Wi-Fi supportno
Wi-Fi type
Bluetooth controller presenceno


Audio controller presenceyes
Audio controller typeHDA
Audio controller modelRealtek ALC892
Audio scheme7.1


Video controller presenceno
Video controller model

Back interfaces

USB count14
USB on back panel count8
USB 3.0 count2
USB 3.0 on back panel count2
FireWire interface count (IEEE1394a)0
FireWire on back panel interface count (IEEE1394a)0
FireWire interface count (IEEE1394b)0
FireWire on back panel interface count (IEEE1394b)0
Thunderbolt on back panel count0
COM-port count1
COM-port on back panel count1
LPT on the back panelno
Component video output on the back panelno
D-Sub (VGA) on the back panelno
DVI on the back panelno
DisplayPort on the back panelno
HDMI on the back panelno
eSATA on the back panel0
eSATAp on the back panel0
PS/2 for keyboardyes
PS/2 for mouseyes
PS/2 for the keyboard on the back panelyes
PS/2 for the mouse on the back panelyes
Coaxial output on the back panelno
Optical output on the back panelyes


Motherboard power jack24-pin
CPU power jack8-pin
Cooling system typepassive
MSI 970A-G46 Specifications

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