Lenovo Yoga S940 laptop review

Lenovo Yoga S940 laptop is a folding device that is at the end of the top price of the company’s products. This laptop is designed for convenience, but does not sacrifice anything in appearance.

The Yoga S940 also has some cool AI features, including Alexa support and the ability to dim the screen when moving away from the laptop.

The Yoga S940 is not glorious and full of cheap features, with a starting price of 9 1259.99 it sets it apart from the hottest devices on the market.


Let’s design first. Not everyone will love the iron gray color, but it has an industrial look that sets it apart from the lighter gray of the MacBook or Microsoft Surface. And thanks to aluminum, you will easily enjoy having such a large screen on a device weighing 1.2 kg.

With a thickness of 12.2 mm and a width of 319 mm, the Yoga S940 slips in any backpack. How long your day trips will last depends on which page you choose.

The model we saw uses an Ultra HD 4K screen with a maximum brightness of 500 nits. Images bounce off the screen, and with the support of the HDR400 playback standard, you can be sure that HDR images play as they should, with the vibrancy that easily passes over an OLED screen.

The downside is that if you choose the Full HD panel (1920 x 1080), Lenovo has a 9.5 hour battery life compared to a maximum of 15 hours. Although we love the ultra-bright 4K display, it probably makes sense to stick to the Full HD version.

Whichever you choose, you will benefit from Lenovo’s “Contour Glass”. As you can imagine, this curve is at the edge to create an “infinite edge” – with the help of 4.2 mm wide edges on the left and right.

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Even the top of the page is interesting. Lenovo adds a bit of extra space to compress the infrared camera and webcam, with the promise that “artificial intelligence sensors” can detect if you’re away from your laptop and have your screen locked.

It even promises to be able to track where your eyes are looking and move open windows to an attached external screen.

A word of caution for aspiring typists: The keyboard does not meet the high standards we see from the Lenovo ThinkPad. It was a non-essential feeling, while the Enter key got used to it from a height and a half.


Lenovo Yoga S940 offers good performance for a compact device. Our review model comes with an i5-8265U processor, 8GB of RAM, and 512GB of SSD, priced at 99 1699.99.

This specification offers some suitable CPU test results: 4547 in our Geekbench 4 single-core test and 11,722 in a multi-core test. Lenovo sets the price and concessions against devices like the HP Envy 13 and Dell XPS 13.

Unfortunately, in the comprehensive PCMark 10 tests, the Lenovo Yoga S940 was completely superior to both laptops. The S940 reached 3118, while the Envy 13 reached 3711 and the Dell 3847.

However, for everyday tasks, a device like the Yoga S940 was designed to prove itself beyond its capabilities. Chrome needed 8 to 10 tabs up and down to see any slowdowns, and we had no performance drop when doing simple word processing tasks.

The Lenovo Yoga S940 performed very well when it came to reading and writing SSD memory. It has a read speed of 3489.5 MB / s and a write speed of 1945.3 MB / s. These speeds make it one of the fastest data drives we have tested in recent times and it is very impressive.

If you want to be busier, Lenovo has now introduced the latest Intel 10th Gen chips as an option for this model with a few tweaks – so be sure to consider this when making your final decision.


Undoubtedly, the 4K HDR S940 display is one of its most impressive features. Not only is it unusually bright (Lenovo quotes 500 nits), but it also has a rich mental color and contrast with the boot.

The curved glass at the edges does not cover any part of the actual screen (only the perimeter around it), so unlike (for example) Samsung Galaxy phones, no obstructive reflections are applied by the geometry.

The top display we are reviewing today has Dolby Vision capability and has the VESA400 HDR standard. Lenovo says it can “decode a full 12-bit PQ signal from a video and intelligently map that content with display capabilities to produce the best image.” While watching streaming sample content from Netflix, the difference is definitely noticeable.

This is not the only option: on “low-end” models (such as the $ 1,499 starting configuration), an FHD display (according to Lenovo 400 nits brightness) is standard. Both screens are glossy. As usual, low-resolution (as well as lower brightness) screens should save energy, which may be useful. Oddly enough, no touch screen options are available.


The Intel Core i7-8565U is a 14-nanometer quad-core Whiskey Lake SoC t. The CPU features Thermal Velocity Boost, which operates in the second stage of Turbo Boost, which takes into account the thermal conditions and power of the device to boost very short-term frequency up to a maximum of 4.6 GHz single-core (4.1 GHz multi-core). ) To do. Core).

Compared to other machines in the field that use the same CPU (Dell XPS 13), the S940 is about 16 percent slower and 44 percent slower in single-core and multi-core operations, respectively. With this processor for other devices in our database is quite below average.

This is almost certainly the result of the very conservative cooling and heating policies of the system. The XPS 13, for example, is much taller in comparison (as we’ll see in a moment), and therefore cools faster and more efficiently. The S940 does not seem to react as strongly to heat, but instead just makes its CPU performance more conservative and does its best to be silent whenever possible.

Storage devices

Both the standard M.2 SATA and NVMe PCIe 3.0 x 4 drives are available for the S940 configurations, but replacing the drive is relatively easy as long as you have a Torx T5 screwdriver in hand.

Its performance at the overall speed of the ZenBook 13, MacBook Pro 13 and Yoga C930 is also at the top of the comparison chart. The other two cars (XPS 13 and ThinkPad X1 Carbon) are actually powered by the same drive.


The Yoga S940 explores a wide range of AI features to try to make your laptop more comfortable in life.

Another important feature is the Glance eye tracking software, which allows you to quickly capture your pointers and windows from the laptop screen and control it just by looking. Glance also offers a feature that dims your screen when away from the screen.

Windows Hello also has features that allow you to log in just by looking at the laptop through face recognition. Of course, this is completely optional.

Lenovo Yoga S940 also supports Alexa (requires download from Windows Store) and microphones around the ground, so you can issue commands from a distance of up to four meters.

Battery life

Battery life of the Lenovo Yoga S940 can have many strengths. Its lower performance is disappointing, but not uncommon on a 4K display, especially given the compact dimensions of the Yoga S940, which has more limited space for a more impressive battery.

In terms of Powermark battery life, the S940 managed just 3 hours and 19 minutes before delivery, but it simulates power-hungry applications. Fortunately, our usage in the real world has increased to about 4 hours, but this amount is much less for productivity laptops

Poor battery life for this 4K display is very self-sacrificing, which means that the Yoga S940 will not bring you a full working day without the need for an internet connection. This may not be ideal for some.

If you are happy with sessions that are only a few hours away from the mains – whether for home use or whipping in one session – but this beautiful laptop may be worth losing battery.


  • Super stylish
  • Classy 4K display
  • Useful AI features
  • Decent speakers


  • Select the stingy port
  • Poor battery life
  • Less than a stellar keyboard
  • Performer below average

Technical details

Model / seriesYoga S940
Packaging dimensions45.8 x 20.8 x 7.2 cm; 2.4 kilograms
Batteries1 lithium-ion batteries required (included).
Model number81Q7002AGE
Form factorNotebook
Display size14th
Screen resolution1920 x 1080 pixels
solution1,920 x 1,080 pixels
Processor brandIntel
Processor typeCore i7
Processor speed1.8 GHz
Processor cores4th
RAM size16 GB
Storage technologyDDR3
Max size supported16 GB
Hard disk size512 GB
Hard drive technologySSD
Hard drive interfaceSolid state
Hard disk rotation speed7200 revolutions per minute
Graphics coprocessorIntel UHD Graphics 620
Chipset manufacturerIntel
Description graphics cardIntegrated
Graphics card memoryGDDR4
Interface graphics cardIntegrated
Number of USB 3.0 interfaces3
Optical storageNone
operating systemWindows 10 Home
Average battery life17 hours
Batteries includedYes
Lithium battery capacity52 watt hours
Number of lithium-ion cells4th
Item weight2.4 kg
Technical details


Lenovo Yoga S940 is the main competitor to the most stylish laptop, but poor battery life and a disappointing keyboard prevent it. Still, if you buy this laptop for short productivity sessions, you will not be reluctant – and it will surely touch your head with artificial intelligence designs and tricks.

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