Dell U3821DW Monitor Review

The Dell U3821DW offers plenty of real estate in vibrant display and color, perfect for multitasking and streamlining your workflow. It has also been upgraded with better connectivity and extensive coverage to professionals who need rich colors and modern flexibility.

However, you do have to pay a high price for the Dell U3821DW, so let’s look at whether it’s worth paying the premium.

Dell U3821DW Monitor: Display and performance

Like most monitors, the Dell U3821DW is worn for business, so it doesn’t look pretty or impressive for any environment or setting. This monitor has a matte black chassis that is completed with a silver shell and base that shows the beauty of the heart’s signature. The screen is borderless on three sides so users can appreciate the wider display with less distraction.

The first thing to consider before getting the Dell U3821DW is your desk space and how much of it is left after your other peripherals. This is a huge monitor, so users may have problems with bookshelf speakers or other large desktop equipment. It does not weigh as much as 19.4 pounds, but due to its large size, it is not easy to move the monitor around.

The build quality of the Dell U3821DW is excellent, as there are no cosmetic defects or signs of weakness in its parts. The existing stand does not move and can hold the viewing angle that you have set almost forever. One of the things we love about Dell is that they guarantee excellent skills in almost all of their products, especially their premium models.

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The Dell U3821DW includes an OSD joystick, reversible shortcuts, and a branded Display Manager program to help you easily access its capabilities. Previous models only had buttons for OSD, which was difficult and sometimes confusing for ordinary users. This monitor has many useful features and is suitable for IT management, so having these tools at your disposal is very valuable.

The Dell U3821DW stand offers tilt, rotation, and height adjustments so you can always be comfortable with the screen. You can not center the monitor, but this is a problem because it is unusual to use a 38-inch curved image in portrait mode anyway.

You can replace this part with a VESA stand, but this is only necessary to save space because the stock part is good enough for most settings.

One of the best aspects of the Dell U3821DW is its connectivity, which includes a set of standards to meet your needs. The back panel includes DisplayPort 1.4 and two HDMI 2.0 slots with a 90-watt USB-C port that supports DP 1.4 Alt mode. You also get four USB 3.2 boxes and an RJ45 port for your accessories and IT management.

The monitor even has an accessible hub at the bottom edge, which includes another USB 3.2 port and a USB-C 3.2 slot for faster transfer. To work with cables on USB-C laptops like the MacBooks, you have to use the USB-C slot on the back, but we think this is a minor inconvenience.

The Dell U3821DW also packs a powerful 9-watt speaker pack in the chassis so you can drop desktop sets for everyday use. Indoors can be quite loud, but if the volume is too high, they can have a distorted sound.

Dell U3821DW Monitor: Features

The Dell U3821DW Monitor has a 38S inch 2300r IPS screen with a resolution of 3840 x 2160, a refresh rate of 60 Hz, and a response time of 5 milliseconds. The maximum backlight output is 300 cd / m2, while the contrast ratio, like most IPS panels, is 1000: 1. This model is not advertised for HDR images but has a wide coverage that will be useful for editing work.

3840x16x1600 provides plenty of space for your workflow and is great for immersive gaming, if not limited to refresh rates. The screen does not look as sharp as a 4K screen, but it also has a higher number of pixels, and you do not have to close your eyes when reading text in small font. Games, on the other hand, require a powerful GPU, but you only have 60 Hz to fill, so you don’t need high-end models.

The Dell U3821DW is able to create incredible vibrancy thanks to its over 100% sRGB, 88% Adobe RGB, and 97% DCI-P3 coverage. The problem with color accuracy is that some colors reach the size of DeltaE 4.8. This image looks good for everyday use, but those working on vital color tasks should calibrate the monitor.

Also, the Dell U3821DW calibration is beneficial because the deltaE average drops to 0.76, which is great for hybrid models. Most users will be happy with a few good chances, but for those who need a reliable monitor to work with, it’s a good idea to invest in something like SpyderX Elite or similar. It should also be noted that these average colors vary between units due to the nature of the panel technology.

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The Dell U3821DW backlight reaches 296 cd / m2, which is great for everyday use, but its contrast is limited to 800: 1 with 60% brightness. The monitor is not good at the glare, and dark or black images can be grayed out when viewed in the dark. This performance is common in many IPS panels, but some, such as LG’s Nano IPS models, have shown better results.

Screen uniformity for the Dell U3821DW, for example, could be better because in some cases the left side of the widescreen looks a bit dimmer. Color change and contrast reduction are not noticeable, but dark images can show variance. This aspect is very different between each unit, so there are better cases.

The Dell U3821DW pixel response time is good for a productivity monitor as long as you use the quick settings in its overdrive. Doing so clears up most of the stability and visible stains, but instead slightly exceeds the allowable limit. This may not be a problem for casual gamers, but those who play action games like Cyberpunk 2077 may find that.

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The Dell U3821DW does not support FreeSync, so naturally, G-Sync compatibility is out of the question. FreeSync is quite common on most monitors, but it is common for Dell not to place it on productivity monitors or the effects of its products. The input latency is 15 milliseconds, which is longer than most monitors, but the latencies are mostly not noticeable even while playing.


  • Vibrant IPS panel with wide domain coverage
  • Powerful speakers
  • Many connectivity features
  • 90 watt USB-C for laptop
  • Attractive and clean design


  • Poor default accuracy
  • Limited contrast ratio
  • Expensive

U3821DW specifications

General Info
Model SeriesUltraSharp
Model NumberU3821DW
Size38″ (inches)
Screen Size Class38″ (inches)
Diagonal Size37.52 in
95.3 cm
952.9 mm
3.13 ft
Screen Width35.04 in
89 cm
890 mm
2.92 ft
Screen Height15.27 in
38.8 cm
387.8 mm
1.27 ft
Display Curvature2300
Display TypeIPS
Display Bit Depth10 bits
Max Number of Colors1073741824
Screen Aspect Ratio24:10
Screen Resolution3840 x 1600
Screen Pixel Pitch0.229 mm
Screen Pixel Density109 PPI
Screen-to-Body Ratio98.38 %
Backlight SourceW-LED
DCI P395%
sRGB100 %
Screen Brightness300 cd/m²
Static Screen Contrast1000: 1
Screen Horizontal Viewing Angle178 °
Screen Vertical Viewing Angle178 °
Display Minimum Response Time5 ms
Display Average Response Time8 ms
Display CoatingAnti-glare/Matte (3H)
HDRDisplayHDR 600
Size, weight, color
Case Depth4.03 in
10.2 cm
102.4 mm
0.34 ft
Case Weight8.8 kg
19 lbs
Case Width with Stand35.21 in
89.4 cm
894.339 mm
2.93 ft
Case Height with Stand17.46 in
44.4 cm
443.511 mm
1.46 ft
Case Depth with Stand9.9 in
25.1 cm
251.367 mm
0.82 ft
Case Weight with Stand13.391 kg
29 lbs
Case ColorBlack
U3821DW specifications


The Dell U3821DW Monitor is a great option for professionals and business users who want a large, vibrant display with great performance. The IPS panel has the ability to have dramatic colors, but you have to modify or calibrate it using a colorimeter to get the most out of it.

Robust design with a wide array of connectivity features is an essential feature to enable the monitor to perform complex tasks and needs in today’s market.

However, apart from being expensive, the Dell U3821DW does not have the same color accuracy in the box as other models in the same class. Products like the Dell U2720Q and even the older U3818DW showed better imaging performance when measured with a colorimeter.

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