Dell 4K S3221QS Curved Monitor

The Dell S3221QS Curved Monitor is unmatched among its peers. Although most displays come with a higher refresh rate and resolution. In fact, with the exception of a logo or perhaps some RGB lights, most monitors can best be described as uniform. This is not the case with the Dell 4K S3221QS, which seems to be inspired by the polar white Dell XPS.

The Dell S3221QS has a simple design that fits perfectly in most office environments. It looks almost identical to the Dell S2721D we tested, but with a curved screen. It has thin edges on three sides with a slightly thicker bottom edge.

The build quality of the Dell S3221QS is first class. This base is very durable because it has a metal frame that is covered with high quality plastic and supports the monitor well.

The sloping zipper is also good and allows easy and precise adjustment. The plastic back feels good however, it bends slightly at the edges and detaches easily from the frame. In addition, the edges feel cheap because they do not follow the curvature of the screen and cause small gaps in some areas.

Ultra-thin three-dimensional design in 4K UHD resolution (3840 21 2160) lets you enjoy immersive viewing with incredible resolution and superb detail at 4x the resolution of full HD. Supports HDR content playback to enhance entertainment.

Design and build quality

The Dell S3221QS plastic shell will not be overlooked, especially with its dull black and white charm.

But where a monitor can so easily crowd a room, slim bezels, a white back panel, and a silver base reduce its visual appeal – although a white stand could better match the beauty of the monitor. .

It has a strong base and weighs about 3.1 kg. It does not move easily and holds the monitor firmly in place. Also, it is height-adjustable, although anyone with a height of more than 180 cm or six feet should reinforce it with something else (a typical complaint of a tall person).

It can be tilted up and down – one of the important features to adjust the viewing angle – but it does not rotate and only rotates about five degrees, so there is no portrait mode.

By removing the stand, the VESA-compliant mounting location (100 100 100) is shown on the back for connecting different stands or monitor arms. But keep in mind that not all arms can bear the weight of 7.4 kg of this monster.

Image quality

Brightness, contrast and color accuracy are the three strengths of the S3221QS.

It supports 99% sRGB and 90% DCI-P3, and is a cost-effective option for professional video and image editors if incomplete. The panel does not show light bleeding and the colors are consistent throughout the area.

Move fast in video and games, objects are clearly marked and there are no screen tears or artifacts. But sometimes moving camera shots can cause significant stuttering.

The blacks on the screen are a mixed bag. By default, the “Dark Stabilizer” setting is turned on, which seems to cause gamma in dark scenes of video games and movies, and spoils the image. When this setting is turned off, dark colors become much darker, but still not comparable to expensive professional screens or OLED screens.

The main disadvantage is the viewing angle, which shows a noticeable change in the screen depending on how much you sit on the monitor. The sweet spot is about 60-70 cm, but some people may find this annoying and this can hinder fine work or editing.

Slightly tilting the page helps significantly. But if you are planning to buy a monitor arm, keep in mind that some may try to keep the weight of 7.4 kg at an angle, even if they have points for carrying more.

Performance and features

The S3221QS sits on the desk like a glamorous billboard – in that case it’s a smart display. Even the back and base are so sharp that they can fit in a conservative office or in a stylish house without looking too showy or ugly.

The 32-inch real estate screen provides plenty of real estate for those who want to open multiple documents at the same time, increased screen width, good graphic detail, or a compelling movie.

Meanwhile, UHD resolution and 139ppi pixel density keep everything sharp. The matte screen coating has both the ability to repel reflections and the glare of the environment.

The 1800R’s smooth curve does not distort much, and we find it easier to compare than flat panel displays – curvature means your eyeball does not have to refocus until you look at it from another angle. Show to another.

The Dell S3221QS has a sleek white woven pattern on the back.

There is a thin, hardware border that forms a 5mm black angle band on the screen. This will affect the tiling of several monitors, but few will feel limited by the 32 inches provided.

The usual set of color presets allows you to quickly optimize content for work, play, or movies via the screen OSD, which is accessible via the buttons at the bottom right of the screen.

Read more:

You can also use Dell’s Display Manager software to access and configure desktop windows in a variety of preset settings. Other settings allow PiP variables, blue light settings for eye comfort and multi-monitor management.

Animated images with a few OSD settings can look very bright and colorful. LED matrix backlight creates a good punch in the production of almost real blacks (as much as the VA panel allows) with very impressive halo effects (light bleeding on dark backgrounds of bright images). Although not perfect – you could say it is not a real HDR panel.

The 60Hz refresh rate means it’s not ideal for light, fast-shooting games: if you’re used to smooth, silky movement when looking around or watching an object pass through the screen. But playing normal games is certainly not out of the question.

Two HDMI 2.0 ports with a DisplayPort 1.2 and a USB 3.0 hub with two ports adorn the back. It is frustrating that there is no USB-C port to display or charge.

The base allows the panel to increase by 70 mm and the slope variance from -5o to + 21o.

There are even two built-in 5 watt speakers. They can have a perfectly round percussion sound with minimal distortion and obvious sound fidelity.

They are not tall enough to fill a room and the bass hardly thrives, but they are nevertheless impressive for built-in monitor speakers.

“The Dell Premium Panel Exchange allows for a free panel replacement during the limited hardware warranty period, even if only one pixel is found,” says Dell.

Display Manager

Downloadable Dell Manager is required for S3221QS.

Among its many features is the Easy Arrange menu, which lets you tap where Windows is on your screen. It’s great to see on such a large screen that the default size and quarter size areas of Windows 10 may be larger than you need.

The program is easy to set up with shortcut keys (such as ctrl + shift + D) . It allows you to quickly adjust settings and features such as brightness and contrast, as well as other items that are not available through the standard menu buttons. do.

Display Manager lets you customize how you use your S3221QS, including easy window layout and brightness settings.

By default, the color mode is fixed and must be changed manually. But set it to auto mode and the color mode will change to the mode of your choice depending on the type of program you are using.

This is useful for full-screen applications, but can cause problems when switching between different window applications that are cut to different areas of the screen.

Includes a shortcut for an adjustable input switch for those two devices connected on the same screen. This allows you to set your monitor to switch between devices by pressing ctrl + shift + L.

Game on the S3221QS

The S3221QS is not designed for gaming. But this does not mean that your average or professional user does not want to have a welcoming and beautiful experience at the end of the day.

And, for a non-gaming screen, the S3221QS handles itself well enough.


  • Rich 4K screen with matte coating to prevent glare
  • Standing base with solid weight with small footprint


  • The 60Hz refresh rate is very impressive for high level games
  • Side lighting is sometimes noticeable

Technical specifications


Screen display area size with foot32 Inch
Maximum screen resolution4K UHD 3840 x 2160

Other Technical Details

Product model numberS3221QS
Product weight16.25 pounds
Product dimensions27.92 x 8.15 x 20.4 inches
Item dimensions Length x Width x Height27.92 x 8.15 x 20.4 inches
MakerDell Computers
Technical specifications


Not having a true USB-C or HDR connection does not prevent the Dell 4K S3221QS Ultra Curved Monitor. The sleek design, stunning 4K image and useful multitasking features like Picture-in-Picture make it a great and surprisingly affordable option.

But $ 794 is a very good price. While there are cheaper models without curves, if you look at a screen all day (and all week), it helps to keep the work as easy as possible.

If you want to add HDR plus a 165Hz refresh rate for the game, this S3220DGF sibling is available for $ 899. However, if you want a great desktop monitor for casual formal and multimedia tasks, the S3221QS should be close to the top of your list.


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