Dell OptiPlex 990 review

The Dell OptiPlex 990 SFF was first introduced in 2011. Although this model is more than five years old, it is still a good option for home and office use. You can even turn this PC into a gaming machine by upgrading a low-spec GPU.

The Dell OptiPlex 990 SFF is a small form factor computer. The small form factor (SFF) is an intermediate model. It has less space for extra hardware than the desktop, but is still easily scalable. It usually comes with 2 times the PCIe slot, so it is possible to install a low-end graphics card. SFFs are purchased as everyday computers or as business workstations.


The processor or CPU is the brain of any computer. Controls the performance and speed of the system.

The OptiPlex 990 has an Intel Core i7 2600 processor running at 3.40 GHz.

In general, the i7 chipset is more powerful than the i5 or i3 processors, and this is a significant feature of the OptiPlex 990 desktop for its price.

This low-power processor has a base clock speed of 2.8 GHz. Undoubtedly, it is more than enough to process all the tasks that you leave to the system in the workplace without any hassle.

The CPU delivers top-notch performance even during peak hours without any noticeable latency.

On the other hand, the system has Intel HD Graphics 2000 – a standard graphics card to help stream videos and movies smoothly.

With such graphical power, you can engage in light photo editing, working in Photoshop, playing general titles on PC games, and other multimedia-related activities.

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The OptiPlex 990 SFF desktop has a sleek, space-saving design to perfectly match your workplace.

As the name implies, it is classified as a small desktop (SFF), a special type of appearance created for a small business area or office space. It can be a profitable choice for several reasons.

This system takes up very little space and therefore allows various computer peripherals to accompany it effortlessly, and is suitable for deployment in compact locations.

It also has two drive slots and a dual expansion slot. It has a wide range of essential ports and I / O connection channels to meet several needs.

The desktop measures 3.7 by 12.3 by 11.4 inches and weighs just 12.57 pounds. This standard size SFF desktop comes in silver gray with a sleek style to win your heart at once.


The Dell OptiPlex 990 SFF supports Intel Core Gen2 technology. Intel introduced its second generation micro architecture called Sandy Bridge in 2011. The maximum number of cores is 6 (on the i7 processor). Desktops use the LGA 1155 socket and DDR3-1066 RAM. The second generation Intel Core is old but still good enough for office, home, and retro gaming. If you want to enjoy recent games, a newer CPU is needed. The most commonly used processors with this model are Core i3 2100, Core i5 2500 and Core i7 2600.


A RAM slot (also called a memory socket) is where RAM is stored on a computer. Most desktops will have two to four slots. This model has 4 RAM slots. This should be enough for anyone, especially for powerful users who need a significant amount of RAM.

High RAM speeds allow your processor to access data stored in RAM faster. This is important for the overall speed of your system. The Dell OptiPlex 990 SFF motherboard supports RAM speeds up to 1333 MT / s. If you want faster RAM, you have to upgrade your system to a newer generation.

RAM size is another important parameter. It is important that RAM does not run out during daily work. If this happens too often, you may see a significant reduction in performance. For everyday tasks and light games, we recommend 8 GB of RAM. For everything else, go for 16GB or more. The Dell OptiPlex 990 SFF supports up to 16 GB of RAM.


Ports are an important thing that people should pay more attention to. For example, if you do not have enough USB ports, using external devices can be a problem. Before you buy, consider your uses and plan ahead for plugin ports.

The Dell OptiPlex 990 SFF has a total of 10 USB ports. Having more USB ports is always better, but consider the USB port version as well. Higher versions of USBs support faster transfer speeds. Unfortunately, this model does not have a USB 3.1 port. If you need a faster connection for your peripherals such as Solid State Drive, you should choose another model.

DisplayPort (DP) is very important for any desktop device because it allows you to connect external monitors. Good to see the Dell OptiPlex 990 SFF has a DisplayPort. The version of this DisplayPort is also important. Always try to target higher versions of DP as it allows for better resolution and refresh rates.

The HDMI port is another digital video port that allows you to connect external monitors. DisplayPort has very similar capabilities with a few exceptions. However, the Dell OptiPlex 990 SFF does not have one. If DisplayPort is available, no problem.

SATA slots are located on the system board and connect HDDs, SSDs and optical disc drives. The Dell OptiPlex 990 SFF has 240 SATA slots. Keep in mind that having a very small SATA slot may limit your options for connecting additional memory drives. Think about what you are using and decide if the SATA slot provided by this model is sufficient.

The M.2 SSD interface allows you to transfer data faster than the old SATA interface. Sometimes the M.2 interface is 5 times faster or faster. Unfortunately, the Dell OptiPlex 990 SFF does not ship with it and you have to rely on the good old SATA.

Side note: Good if the existing M.2 slots support the PCIe / NVMe interface. Sometimes the M.2 slot only supports the lower SATA III interface. For comparison, SATA III has a top speed of 6 Gbps, while PCIe 3.0 x4 can reach up to 32 Gbps!

Power supply

Having a high-power PSU (power supply unit) is very important, especially if you are going to use components such as a dedicated GPU and an additional hard drive that require extra power. The Dell OptiPlex 990 SFF has a 240 watt power supply. Deciding whether this is enough depends on your specific needs and usage. Please note that some models may have more than one PSU option. If possible, get the most powerful one as it may make future upgrades easier.


For business, corporate and industrial needs, Dell has launched a number of powerful SFF desktops, among which the OptiPlex 990 SFF can be a significant star.

This giant desktop manufacturer has succeeded in presenting such a sturdy design that can easily be placed in a small desk or cabin at work to save space and empower an industry.

If you have a limited budget to start your own business, you can choose this SFF desktop workstation from Dell.

For any small-scale business or industry, the OptiPlex 990 SFF can deliver amazing performance and take business productivity to the next level instantly.

Compared to widely used compact devices such as smartphones or tablets, an SFF desktop computer works more efficiently to help you run a small business or production center to the fullest.

In addition, regardless of profession or budget, SFF Desktop enables the user to make a quick purchase decision to meet their formal needs on a daily basis.

Although the small system has little space to keep its internal components cool, the OptiPlex 990 hardly produces loud noise that can sometimes distract you.

However, the system is by no means completely silent. However, it will not be a serious problem to work in a noisy environment.

The OptiPlex 990 SFF desktop consumes a small amount of power because it has a low-power processor inside.

Intel’s Core i7 chipset consumes less power than its predecessors, resulting in less heat.

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