DPI stands for Dots Per Inch. This measurement is used to show the number of mouse pixels when moving one inch. We are guiding how to check mouse dpi. For example, if your mouse has 1600 DPI, moving it precisely will move an inch (2.54 cm) 1600 pixel cursor on […]

Having The best MMO mouse means the difference between victory and defeat. Whether immersing yourself in massive single-player adventures or competing for multiplayer fame, a low-cost environmental production machine can not easily reduce it. A good gaming mouse does not necessarily improve your skills, but it does give your skills […]

For people involved in CAD projects, having a simple mouse is enough, but this is because the idea and reason for buying a 3D mouse is quite vague for most people. 3D technology has already designed many industries and tools for the work of engineers, animators and architects. The increasing […]

Every competitive PC gamer knows that the ZOWIE mouse is a great option for building a game arsenal and defeating opponents. One has accurate targeting capability and accurate click power per minute! Imagine a game without using this competitive game mouse. Although a typical mouse may help in one way […]