The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is actually a combination of the Galaxy Note 8 and the Galaxy S9 Plus, which has nothing to do with new and perhaps useless features and focuses on improving the essentials as much as possible. For the first time among Samsung’s flagships, this phone uses […]

It was in March 2017 that the Korean company Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. The original design of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is one of the phone models with the same capabilities and features as the original phone, which is available to users with a very […]

It is hard to imagine that the Nokia 8210 was released 20 years ago, in 1999. This phone was one of the previous models that really started to dominate Nokia during these years. It was also an important turning point in changing the mobile feature from functional to style. It […]

The Galaxy A21s, with its HD + display, weaker processor, and camera-like structure, are cheaper versions of the Galaxy A31. The Samsung A21s is the fifth member of the series after the A20, A20s, A20e, and A21. This series is one of the cheapest Samsung mid-range phones. Design and build […]

Boost Mobile has plenty of affordable smartphones to choose from, but the Samsung Galaxy J7 is one of the best phablets in the category. Think of it as a larger, more powerful version of the Galaxy J3, which has the latest Android software, a good processor, and an attractive display. […]