With Predator 8, Acer is trying to bring gaming power to Android tablets. Acer Predator 8 offers great performance, clear screen and all-round feedback that really helps you in the game. However, this tablet suffers from very low battery life as well as a bigger software problem: Compared to Apple’s […]

We all know ASUS for its breathtaking hardware and electronic devices on the market. Any ASUS device that can have outstanding features. Their ASUS tablet is suitable for all purposes, especially for gaming and entertainment. Asus works with Android and you will surely find the hottest Android games and top […]

Tablets with keyboards have a special and very attractive feature that can, while having the capabilities of a tablet, also allow the user to type with the keyboard.If you are also fascinated by the attractive features of tablets with keyboards, you will get acquainted with the best types of them. […]